Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wine Flight

Just a quick post to share a photo from last night's Wine Night.
It was supposed to be a fundraiser for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but not enough people showed up to do the art raffle.
Oh well, I still had a good time with my friend A and got to sample 3 different wines from 3 different areas (hence the name Wine Flight).

P.S.  I cut 8 inches off of my hair, did anyone notice?
Probably not because it's still fairly long.

Yesterday I woke up with my hair almost touching my butt, and went to sleep with it barely hitting my bra.


  1. Nice! Hope you had a great time. Your hair looks beautiful, you're blessed with such pretty hair.

  2. the hair looks amazing--the length is very flattering for you--and it looks so healthy and shiny! :)

  3. I love the hair cut! It seriously took 10 lbs off of your face!

  4. I've never seen wine tipped like that! It looks like it is about to fall Love the new hair!