Wednesday, October 2, 2013

In Memory

October 1, 2002 my grandmother passed away from complications related to obesity at the age of 67.  She had diabetes, congestive heart failure, and I never remember her being able to walk.

I think of her often, and feel a little sad every year on the anniversary of her passing, but this year I felt extra sad. I can't figure out why this year was worse. Maybe I wish she could see my accomplishments now. Or maybe because I see dying from obesity as so avoidable with technology today.

My grandmother was the sweetest woman I have ever known.  She was kind and would do anything for anyone.  But she was very sensitive and easily got her feelings hurt.  I am often told that I am just like her.  I hope that's true.

I wish I could tell her that she inspired me to change my life.  That I am going to beat obesity because of how much I love her. 

The day I told my oldest sister that I was going to be banded, her first response was "Grandma Faye would be so proud of you."  


  1. I know that she is proud of you. And we are all proud of you. And you are an inspiration to others (me) by sharing your journey. It takes alot to put yourself out there, show your face and share your life, and be yourself to the world--but you are doing it! You are a strong woman, and that is a credit to the women in your life who have influenced you.

    Even though my mom died of cancer, she struggled with her weight her entire life. I wish she could see me now, and that she would be proud of the changes I've made, too..and the person that I am becoming.

  2. Aww Girl. I am proud of you and know she is looking down on your and proud of you too...

  3. OH girl. My mom recently passed of Type 1 Diabetes complications as well as congestive heart failure and a ton of other stuff. I am sure your Grandma is proud, just as I know my mama is cheering me on. Much love.