Monday, September 30, 2013

Food Addict Needs a Fill

I am a food addict.

There is nothing else I am or have ever been addicted to.  But I can say with 100% certainty that I am a food addict.

I had this surgery to help me with my addiction.  And MOST OF THE TIME it does.

But this weekend I was out of control.  For those of you who don't understand food addiction this may sound funny (although I suspect many of you reading this do).

My band is NOT AT ALL tight.  In fact, it is almost like it is not there at all.  And I can't control myself.

This weekend was an absolute shit-show when it came to food.  And it doesn't help that my right foot is messed up to the point I can hardly walk.

Soooo...PLEASE tell me your secrets for what you do when you are out of control.  My fill appointment isn't until October 17 so I NEED to do something to get myself under control.

Normally I'd go on an all liquid diet to push "reset" but literally it feels like I don't have a band right now, so I know that will not work.

Here's a few things I will try...


No more chocolate.


I am so disappointed in myself over this weekend's eating.  I think I may have eaten 5 pints of ice cream.  I'm not joking.  That wouldn't even be a funny joke.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bat Wings

 As promised a few posts ago, I decided to show you all my super-hero style bat wings.
This is a way for me to come to terms with my new/changing body.
"Relaxed" Arms (above)
 "Flexing" (below)
I'm smiling because I'd received a text from you-know-who as I was about to snap this photo.
One of these days, I'm going to cut that flabby skin off...
I guess it could be worse.  And likely will be by the end of this next 50 pounds I will lose.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

1. I forgot to weigh in this morning, but my other weigh ins this week tell me the number on the scale really had not moved since last week.

2.  Yesterday my plans were kind of up in the air.  First, my mom talked about coming to visit.  Then Mr. Banker asked to come over.  Then a friend, Ashley, asked me to go to dinner.  My mom canceled, so I told Mr. Banker that Ashley had asked me to dinner, so he told me to go out with her.  I guess he wasn't expecting I would be at the restaurant for 4 hours because apparently he was planning to come over after my dinner.

3.  One of my favorite things about Lap Band is that I can usually go out to dinner for about $4 now.  If you don't have a card from your WLS that states you can eat from the kid's menu, you're missing out!

4.  I need a fill.  I'm hungry all the time right now.  I tried to move my appointment up, but they didn't have any openings.  I'm so thankful my PA will be back next month!  It's so much easier to get an appointment with her than my surgeon.

5.  Work is going better, but one of my only friends here resigned.  Her last day was Tuesday and I took over her two studies.  They are at least more interesting than the Oncology study I'm working on.

6.  I've joined the social committee at work in order to ensure that there are WLS friendly options when we have meals together--but of course did not tell them this is why.

7.  I need a vacation.  I'm pretty sure on pay day I'm going to buy a ticket to go visit my sisters in California.  Tickets right now are SUPER cheap.  $219 round trip nonstop from Raleigh-->Los Angeles.  Any LA bloggers out there?  I'm thinking Erica might be....

8.  Even going to Cali doesn't really feel like a vacation to me.  I need to be on a sandy warm beach somewhere sipping an alcoholic beverage....

9.  I had gotten pretty lazy, but was recommitting to running.  That was before I completely messed up my right foot and can hardly walk right now.  It may be a little while before I can run and I'm pretty bummed about that.  So I guess I need to commit to arm exercises.  One day, I'm going to be brave enough to post a picture of my bat wings.

10.  I was feeling good yesterday and took a photo in the bathroom at work.  I can honestly say I had never done that before and felt a little silly.  I love these jeans, since they are size 14 hand-me-downs from Old Navy.
This is in the car after work yesterday.
Sometimes I look at my face and I don't even see the same person anymore.
Other times, I look and don't think anything has changed at all.

Yesterday was a 'different girl' kind of day.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Some people are just assholes

I was reminded tonight why I had surgery. So that NO ONE can ever treat me like this in the future.
Yes, this was posted about me on Facebook today by someone who hasn't seen me in at least 4 years.

I got the notification on Facebook while Banker and I were eating dinner. I was almost in tears as I told him about being bullied by this guy during college. I could tell Banker was legitimately angry.  It's moments like these that I know he cares.  That he felt something over seeing me hurt.  And I'm glad I wasn't alone upon receiving that.
I can't understand bullying....I'm 25. I shouldn't have to continue to live through this elementary school nonsense. I thought of several responses to him, but at the end of the day, I'm better than that.
Not That It Matters, But I'm Not In The Photo Below, It Is Just A Meme someone Tagged Me In.

Monday Musings

Happy Monday Everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  And although I'm a day late, Happy Fall :)

This is my college campus in fall.
Can you see why I love the changing seasons?

Yesterday I went for a 4 mile walk with a friend, and today my body can tell I haven't been doing much lately.  I need to get on that!  With the weather cooling off, I really have no excuses!

I spent the last day of summer at the beach with Banker.

Friday was a hard day for Banker.  After spending the evening with his Godsons, he came over to stay the night.  Twice in one week...

We woke up early Saturday morning to go to the beach.  The weather was supposed to be good Saturday, but it really wasn't.  It rained almost the entire drive and I was a little scared it would be rainy at the beach.  Luckily it was just overcast once we arrived.

Sitting on the beach, with a little liquid encouragement, we had some very deep conversations.  He loves his Godsons...the way he talks about them, I know he would be a great father one day.  He says they have changed his life.  He told me he wants to have a child in the next 2-3 years.  That really surprised me, because he can't really do that on his own...  Thanks to the alcohol, I also told him I got my feelings a little hurt by something dumb he did last week...I told him he made me feel like he wants a relationship with someone, just not with me.  He said that is absolutely not true.  He said "We have been spending a lot more time together for a reason, it isn't just to pass the time.  I like being around you."  So, that's as close as I got to the relationship conversation.

He got a citation for drinking on the beach.  I have been to this beach every summer for seven years, I had no clue drinking wasn't allowed.  So that kind of put a damper on things, but hopefully we will get that appealed.  Luckily that happened when we were pretty much ready to go anyway.

When we returned to my house, we were both exhausted.  I really wanted him to stay the night again, and I think he didn't want to drive home, but maybe we were both being a little shy?  I am definitely more shy about my feelings for him than he is, and I think if I'd asked him to stay Saturday night, he would've, but I didn't.  At some point, he mentioned my blog.  I talk about blogging sometimes to him, and he said he has thought about looking trying to google it.  He asked how I would feel about that.  I asked him not to, but at the end of the day, this is a public blog, so if he wants to I can't stop him.  I wondered if maybe he already has...

As he was packing his stuff to go, he looked at my dog and said "Wrangler, your mother hasn't kissed me all day."  I don't know why, but I thought this was very cute.  He is the only guy who has come around who makes an effort to make friends with my dog.  Wrangler is terrified of men, but he is definitely warming up to Banker.  Plus, it was a cute not-so-subtle way to let me know he wanted to kiss me...

He must like me too.

Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm Healthy

This is just a quick update to let you all know where I am health-wise 1 year after Lap Band.

Wednesday I went to see my PCP for something completely un-related to my band or really general health.  She could not say enough good things about my weight loss.

In addition to being 100+ pounds down, my blood pressure was 100/76.
There were times I was afraid of being diagnosed with hypertension at age 23.

PCP asked me how my blood tests look after a year, and it occurred to me that I have not had ANY blood work since prior to surgery.  We mutually decided it might be a good idea to check some things.

I am happy to report that her nurse called me yesterday and told me 'everything' was normal.  I don't know what 'everything' consists of other than A1C (sugar), cholesterol, and Iron.

I love knowing that not only am I better on the outside, but the inside too!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Totally Twitterpated

((I'm not very career is research, so I liked this))

Luka was completely right... I can think of no better word to describe my current feelings than 'twitterpated'.

I debated whether or not to write this post for two reasons:
--If he is secretly reading my blog, I would be mortified.
--You all are going to get so tired of reading about my giant crush.

BUT I decided to post anyway because there might be some point in the future that I want to remember exactly how I feel right now... how floaty and cheerful I felt this morning.


I'm a planner.  It is who I am.  Anyone who wants to spend time with me pretty much knows that they need to make advanced plans with me.  Last week I made plans to see my friend, I'm going to call her Supermom, on Tuesday.  We don't see each other much and she's been going through a lot, so spending time with her this week was really important to me.

Banker called me a few minutes after leaving my house Sunday evening to make plans with me for this week.  He asked for Tuesday, but I told him I had plans with Supermom, so we settled on Wednesday.  Yesterday came, and when Supermom needed to cancel, Banker was more than pleased to make plans to come spend the evening with me since I was free.

I didn't feel well after getting stuck on a piece of chicken at dinner so we laid down for a while and talked until about 10:30.  He made several mentions of staying the night, but he had not (to my knowledge) brought an overnight bag so I said unless he wanted to wear Walmart clothes to work the next day (because I live within a mile of a Walmart) that he better get going home.

He left and within minutes of leaving, he called me.  It isn't unusual for him to call me on his drive home from my house.  It started because when we first met in April, he would get lost and call to ask directions, and over time, he just continued calling sometimes on his way home to occupy the 35 minute drive.

I asked if he got lost already, joking.

He said "No, I realized I have clothes in my car, so I'm  coming back if that's okay with you."

OF COURSE it was okay.  It was better than okay.  I was silently screaming for joy on the inside.  But I played it cool...or tried to.

When he returned, not only did he have his suit for work, but an overnight bag.  So I'm not sure that I believe he really "forgot" he was carrying a suit for work or that he just happened to have it with him.

It was a good night with him.  I slept really well and he held me almost the entire night.  It was sweet and very unexpected.  It is not usually so easy to share a bed with someone "new"-- even though I've known him for 5 months, he has only stayed three times now.  So I was surprised at how well we both slept.

I woke up in such a good mood this morning, and felt so happy.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Bandiversary to me! Goodbye to those 100 pounds!

Starting weight: 344.4
Current weight: 242.8
Total loss at one year post-op: -101.4 pounds!!

I've lost a small person :)

But I've gained so much more.  Confidence.  Energy.  Health.

I feel like I'm finally truly learning who I am, not just who I was as a morbidly obese woman who wanted to be hidden.

Here is my surgery story, with photos of the incisions included. Sometimes it is hard to look at that first photo on the day of surgery.  To remember what my body looked like at 344 pounds.  But it's important too.  I need to remember, so that I don't ever allow myself to slip back into those habits that got me there.

Today, at one year post op, I am about 66% of the way to my goal.  To those of you who are there, I just want to say how proud of you I am, because I know how hard this journey has been!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like .......Christmas?

The weather is cooling down here in North Carolina, but it is not REALLY looking like Christmas.

I love Christmas...everything about it. The food, the baking, how happy the kids are, mall decorations, Christmas fact, there is very little I dislike about the holiday.

Apparently Mr. Banker also loves Christmas....and why wouldn't he....he was born on Christmas!

So we got on the topic of what we do for the holidays the other day.  He does not go to Rhode Island for Christmas or Thanksgiving since the Bank is open the next day. He likes to hint around to get invites to go places with me. He never explicitly says he wants to do something so sometimes I wonder if I'm reading too much into things. But I'm almost certain he was gauging whether going home with me for a holiday would be a possibility. He then mentioned this Christmas was a big one since he's turning response was a joke about not forgetting his age. He keeps thinking I'm older than 25 for some reason. He said "I wasn't reminding you of my age, just when my birthday is."

I did not see him on my birthday this year, but we had only known each other for three weeks at the time. He was, however, the only person to pick up the phone and call on my birthday this year. Everyone texts and facebook messages these days instead. If I'm still seeing him in December I guess I'll figure out how to have Christmas with my parents and have 30th birthday celebrations with Banker. That brings me to the next question...what do you get your non-boyfriend for Christmas/birthday?!

I keep debating trying something, but it could blow up horribly in my face. Banker has definitely been expressing having feelings for me more...openly mentioning that he has feelings and making an effort to compliment me more. And I'm so smitten with him that I've voluntarily stopped going on other dates. There were a few guys I saw regularly and still hang out with from time to time. If I let Banker know, how would that go? He asks what I'm doing pretty much every few hours. I'm always honest about what I'm doing, just don't necessarily throw in WHO I'm doing it with. Would that be a terrible idea? This week he did tell me he is not seeing anyone else, why can't I just be happy knowing that? I want to be his "girlfriend". I know it is just a silly label, but that label defines expectations and provides possibility of a future someday. No one gets engaged to and marries someone who is not their girl/boyfriend....unless its arranged marriage.

I guess I will have to wait to see what happens, and just be happy that he seems to have plans to have me in his life over the holidays.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Tricky Taste Buds

Do any of you feel like your taste buds have COMPLETELY changed since surgery???

Growing up, I never liked spicy food.  A little black pepper was all I could ever take.  Mexican was usually the last thing I wanted to eat.

My "go to" food these days though is typically a taco bowl.  I think Banker is going to get sick of tacos...I've made them for him two of the last three times I cooked.  I also love McAllister's Chicken Tortilla soup (200 calories for the whole bowl) and have recently gotten into chili beans.  Most of those foods I wouldn't have TOUCHED a year ago.

Here's a link to copycat McAllister's soup...I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sick of paying $3.75 every day for something I can make cheaper at home.  And yes, I have seriously eaten this almost every single day since starting my new job.  I'm planning to make this over the weekend, I will let you all know how it goes!

I guess I eat such small portions these days that I REALLY want to taste my food.

I tried Indian food today for the first time today and I loved it!  My mouth was on fire, and I mean that in the best way.  I just had a few bites of chicken and rice.

Speaking of rice...It's so hard hiding my surgery from coworkers.  "Why don't you eat bread?  Why don't you eat rice?  Here, Hollee, have a piece of cake.  Do you ever eat?"  Yes, all of those have been said to me in the last 3 weeks ALREADY.  And be proud Blogger Friends...I turned down the cake.  Granted, it had more to do with being afraid of getting stuck in front of all these new people than choosing to be good, but regardless, I was good!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ten Things Thursday + Weigh In

1. I was too nervous to weigh myself this morning before my WLS appointment.
This is yesterday's weight: 249.8
Starting weight: 344.4
Total Loss: 94.6

I was afraid I was going to gain because I totally pigged out, but I weighed in right at 251 at the Dr office (with clothes on) so I wont complain.

2.  This was my last adjustment appointment that I will see my WL surgeon.
At my next appointment, my PA will be back from maternity leave and I'm so excited!
I haven't seen her in 8 months and I hope she will be proud when she sees what I've accomplished since she last saw me.

3.  This morning I got my friend to get tickets to see Jay Z in January.
When I told Banker, he was obviously very disappointed I did not ask him.
C'mon, the show is in January?!  Am I supposed to plan that far ahead with a guy I have a crush on and am not dating?  Yes, I'm totally twitterpated with him, but I get scared to ask him to plan something that far out...

4.  I am thinking of joining a gym in my office complex.  There is an up front fee but only $10/month after that.  

5.  I have been contemplating getting a puppy recently.
And I found her.
I just need to decide if I can afford her.






Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Motivation? Where are you?

Has anyone seen my motivation?

I sure haven't.

I was looking back at my weights since mid-July, and I really haven't lost anything these last six weeks.  I need to do something to change that.  I've switched to the 200 calorie meals every three hours as Dr. Yoo suggested, but no change.

I don't think I'm doing anything particularly bad, food-wise.

I've just been LAZY.

Have I thought about running?  Sure.

Have I gotten my ass up and done it?  Nope.

I don't know how to motivate myself right now.  I haven't lost interest in losing weight/being healthier, but I think it's harder now that I feel more comfortable in my skin.  I've gotten complacent I guess.  I need to fix this, but I don't know how.

I'm scheduled for another fill on Thursday.  Problem is, I don't think nutrition is my problem.  I think not getting off my ass is my problem.

I got super dehydrated last week, and saw this weight but didn't post it because that was a -14 pound loss in two weeks so I knew it wouldn't last:

So now that I'm no longer dehydrated, I'm back up almost to where I was before.  We will see what happens on Thursday.

If you have any tips for what motivates you to get up and work out, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send them my way!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Call me Red... I mean Abby!

For those of you who watch SCANDAL, my hair/outfit in this post are going to make a lot more sense to you.

'Abby' with jello shot and birthday drink!

2 Abby's (A and Me)
...with orange rind jello shots in our mouths.

"The clients"...I'm on the 2nd row, 2nd person

Me and Patrice....aka Olivia Pope!

I love this picture, compared to the ones below from last year....

Yesterday was my good friend Patrice's 26th birthday.  Patrice is known for her ridiculous parties.  Last year was 'Bar Golf'.  We played 9 holes...which meant going to 9 different bars and getting a different drink at each bar.  Needless to say, we did not make it through the night.  Here's a couple of pictures from that adventure in 2012:

Holy smokes what a difference one year will make!
Those pink pants last year were a size 26.  I bought them the day before the party because I had nothing that fit.  The skirt I wore this year was a 16.

So I really liked the idea of this Scandal gave us a chance to dress up and all look like we are actually adults.  Before the party, my dear friend A, her 'boyfriend' Firefighter, me and Mr. Banker went out for a nice dinner.  Banker was wearing a suit (He was being Harrison, for those of you who watch the show).  I thought we looked really cute together, sadly there is no photo of us taken together last night.  The restaurant itself was really nice.  It was at A's favorite steak restaurant, and I was really disappointed with my meal.  I ordered the filet mignon from the children's menu with mashed potatoes... it was a 2-3oz filet, perfect portion for me, but it was much overcooked.  Luckily my band allowed me to eat it anyway.

After dinner we went to the party.  There weren't many people there yet and Mr. Banker felt overdressed.  He ended up taking my car to his place to change since he lives closeby.  The night was really low key, which is not what I'm used to for Patrice's birthday.  Banker and I got much too drunk and ended up getting caught "getting a room".  Ooops...

He went to my car to get my pajamas and when he came in, he told me a guy there had asked him if he was my boyfriend.  I didn't ask him his response, but today the guy who asked him sent me a message so I asked what he said.  He said that Banker said Yes :):):)  Now, I do know he was drunk, so it doesn't necessarily mean anything, but I am still happy that was the answer.  I did not at all expect it to be.  We stayed the night at Patrice's house and woke up bright and early.  He had to get home to take care of his two godsons...his best friends are out of town right now so he will have the boys for 10 days.

During the party though, I got an interesting email.  Remember those blogs I wrote about my ex?  If not, click here or here.  Someone stumbled across my blog that knew him.  I thought he played me, but I can honestly say I don't think what I went through compares to her story.  When I received her first email, his name in the subject line, my stomach literally went to the floor.  Mr. Banker read it all over my face and immediately asked if I was okay.  I excused myself to correspond briefly and got a longer version of the story this morning.  I honestly can say I am so happy to be free from him.  He is truly a sociopath and I hope to never wish I could have him in my life again.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The little things

Sometimes it's the smallest things that can make me smile.

Mr. Banker is home from visiting his family.  And my spirits are instantly lifted.
I drove him from the airport to my house for dinner.
When we came inside, he handed me a bag with what I could tell was a shot glass.

It says "Got Lobstah? Rhode Island".
When I read it, I smiled and he said it made him think of me because we are constantly joking about his accent.
I wasn't expecting him to bring me anything, but I thought this was a particularly thoughtful/cute little gift.

We had dinner and laughed and had the best time together.

I can't stop smiling tonight.

During dinner, it occurred to me that he has NEVER said anything negative to me about my surgery.  He is so supportive.  I hadn't made a game plan for dinner, I figured we'd figure it out after he got here.  He was starving, so I made a few suggestions, and he let me choose because he said he understood that it was harder for me to eat than for him.  That's so nice compared to the constant berating I got from Robocop.

He really makes me happy.

Loose Skin + TMI Alert

I cannot wait to get to my goal weight and maintain for a lot of different reasons, but one MAJOR reason is so that I can start considering a Lower Body Lift.

While my skin is not THAT bad by most other people's standards, it really bothers me (and I'm still 50 pounds from goal).

So, how do you know when you have a skin problem?  (for me anyway)

Today, I went for my monthly Brazilian, and the Wax Specialist asked me to pull the skin on my lower tummy (upward) to make all the skin less loose.  Yep, that's embarrassing.

Excess skin is my current enemy.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Finally Ready to Talk

Good morning!  It's almost 2am and I can't sleep, but I am in the mood to blog, so I finally stopped trying to fall asleep and dug out my old college laptop, it's so much easier to write a long post on a real keyboard.

So tomorrow I will start my second week at the new job.  There are some good and bad things...

The Good:  The people are really nice, I can tell I'll be working with a really knowledgeable group of people.  There are also enough other new people that I wont feel alone in being lost.  My study lead seems very nice, and told me anything I want to learn, she will help me get set up to learn it.

The Bad:  Complete lack of organization.  I was assigned to a rescue study-this means another CRO (Clinical Research Organization) had it and screwed it up, so it's my CRO's job to save it.  It's an Oncology study--in theory, the idea of curing cancer is cool, but Oncology studies in my previous experience are hard!  The database I'm working with was built and is managed in Germany...this means anytime I have a request, I will likely not get an answer until the next day due to the 6 hour time difference.  Both of my supporting leads are based in Massachusetts, so that will be an adjustment.

Neutral: The insurance.  I worry about how it will affect the cost of adjustments, etc.  I noticed there is a clause in the insurance for NO BARIATRIC SURGERY.  Thank God I did this a year ago almost.  I spoke to someone at the insurance company on Friday and she said to have my first fill and submit it to insurance to see how it goes.  If it is not covered, I can file something called "Continuity of Coverage appeal" to have the insurance cover my Lap Band adjustments until "the end of treatment"--which will be never right?

A selfie of me in my new size L (in Women's) jacket given to me by work.
There's a story behind this--to make it short, the receptionist doesn't like me, and he gave me a size XL Men's jacket first and said "Here this should be your size".
So yeah, I went back and showed him how it hung off of me and requested the correct size.

So, that's the work stuff.

Labor Day weekend was just what I needed to put me in a better mood.

Friday I got to have dinner with a good friend from college who has moved a few hours away.  We went to "our" sushi restaurant, where she and I have been going for 4 years.  It reminded me how much I truly miss sushi.  Right after surgery I ate sushi ONCE successfully, but not since then.  Every time I try I get stuck after the first bite.  Sometimes I think of all the things I would eat if I could just have my band completely unfilled for just one day.  Sushi is definitely at the top of the list.  Followed by pasta and donuts.

Saturday I went to visit my parents.  It is such a chore for my dad to figure out what I can eat.  He suggested Pizza.  REALLY DAD?!  We ended up having tacos.  If my mom goes through with surgery, his whole world is going to change...which wouldn't be a bad thing.  My dad is 6 inches shorter than me and finally I weigh less than him.  I worry about his health.  Anyway, my mom had her surgery consultation last week.  The surgeon doesn't really believe the band works and told her the sleeve would give her more metabolic changes.  I've tried researching this and I think that's just his preference, because it is just a restrictive surgery, not mal-absorption so it should in theory be similar to the band.  The surgeon told my mom if she wanted the band he would do it, but he never does fills under fluoro and she had a 40% chance of being AS SUCCESSFUL as if she had the sleeve.  I told her I think she needs a different consult with a doctor that is more band supportive if she wants the band.  First, it is imperative to have a doctor that BELIEVES YOU CAN SUCCEED!

It was actually a really nice visit with my parents Saturday and I left early Sunday morning to come home.  I had some cleaning up to do before a girlfriend of mine had a cookout.  I had a good time socializing with friends, but I got a bit too drunk.  I had brought one large drink with me, and it got me terribly wasted.  This is the first time I have gotten sick from alcohol since being banded.  I should knock on wood, but since being banded the only "throwing up" I have done is what you all would call a PB.  It is not like normal "vomit" and I don't really mind it too much.  But this alcohol induced vomit was not fun at all, and I hope to not do it again anytime soon.

Monday was nice, I just watched some TV, went to the pool for a couple of hours, and went out shopping for some patio furniture.  I got a really cute set for $60 at Home Depot--so happy about Labor Day sales...hopefully it wont get stolen!  My neighbor's lawn mower got stolen from their back yard last Christmas so I don't have high hopes for how long it will be around.
New Patio Set

So, that was my labor day weekend.

I'm really missing Mr. Banker.  I haven't seen him in a week now.  He went to Rhode Island to visit family.  I'm glad he went because he hadn't seen his family since last winter, but I do miss him.  I'm picking him up from the airport on Wednesday and I cannot wait!  I'm really happy that he asked me, I think that's kind of significant.  He keeps talking about wanting to go on a "real date date" when he gets home...he has mentioned it at least 6 times over the weekend.  I guess he recognizes that the friend functions we go to and spending time together cooking/grilling out doesn't really constitute 'date nights' and he wants to change that.  I do like that idea, just hope it happens.  Saturday night is my friend's birthday and he is supposed to go with me to her party.  I'm excited about that since I will have a lot of friends there too.  

Anyway, hopefully things continue to look up!  More updates to come!