Friday, September 13, 2013

Tricky Taste Buds

Do any of you feel like your taste buds have COMPLETELY changed since surgery???

Growing up, I never liked spicy food.  A little black pepper was all I could ever take.  Mexican was usually the last thing I wanted to eat.

My "go to" food these days though is typically a taco bowl.  I think Banker is going to get sick of tacos...I've made them for him two of the last three times I cooked.  I also love McAllister's Chicken Tortilla soup (200 calories for the whole bowl) and have recently gotten into chili beans.  Most of those foods I wouldn't have TOUCHED a year ago.

Here's a link to copycat McAllister's soup...I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sick of paying $3.75 every day for something I can make cheaper at home.  And yes, I have seriously eaten this almost every single day since starting my new job.  I'm planning to make this over the weekend, I will let you all know how it goes!

I guess I eat such small portions these days that I REALLY want to taste my food.

I tried Indian food today for the first time today and I loved it!  My mouth was on fire, and I mean that in the best way.  I just had a few bites of chicken and rice.

Speaking of rice...It's so hard hiding my surgery from coworkers.  "Why don't you eat bread?  Why don't you eat rice?  Here, Hollee, have a piece of cake.  Do you ever eat?"  Yes, all of those have been said to me in the last 3 weeks ALREADY.  And be proud Blogger Friends...I turned down the cake.  Granted, it had more to do with being afraid of getting stuck in front of all these new people than choosing to be good, but regardless, I was good!


  1. The easiest thing to do is bring a bag lunch. While eating out(especially a buffet), I put little samples of good things so a variety looks like more, but it isn't. Also, you can say you don't want to fill up on bread before your meal. If that was me, I'd just stay in the office and bring a lunch because I don't like having to explain myself and I know where my food came from/how it was prepared. If you entertain those questions, they will feel more comfortable and ask more personal questions, especially when you lose more wt. Stop the invasion early, cause once they know, the whole place knows and they'll be watching every morsel you eat forever. JMHO

  2. Since surgery I've also been all about the spicy. I actually buy canned chilis to add to things. I'll try the chix tortilla soup recipe. Chickfila chicken tortilla soup is good but only out for a limited time in the winter. I LOVE tortilla soup now. And spicy salsa. So yes, i have the same thing!

  3. mmmmm ~ love the spicy food too!

  4. My taste buds have totally changed. I crave salty things. Never liked that stuff before. My "go-to" food is Wendy's Chili.