Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like .......Christmas?

The weather is cooling down here in North Carolina, but it is not REALLY looking like Christmas.

I love Christmas...everything about it. The food, the baking, how happy the kids are, mall decorations, Christmas fact, there is very little I dislike about the holiday.

Apparently Mr. Banker also loves Christmas....and why wouldn't he....he was born on Christmas!

So we got on the topic of what we do for the holidays the other day.  He does not go to Rhode Island for Christmas or Thanksgiving since the Bank is open the next day. He likes to hint around to get invites to go places with me. He never explicitly says he wants to do something so sometimes I wonder if I'm reading too much into things. But I'm almost certain he was gauging whether going home with me for a holiday would be a possibility. He then mentioned this Christmas was a big one since he's turning response was a joke about not forgetting his age. He keeps thinking I'm older than 25 for some reason. He said "I wasn't reminding you of my age, just when my birthday is."

I did not see him on my birthday this year, but we had only known each other for three weeks at the time. He was, however, the only person to pick up the phone and call on my birthday this year. Everyone texts and facebook messages these days instead. If I'm still seeing him in December I guess I'll figure out how to have Christmas with my parents and have 30th birthday celebrations with Banker. That brings me to the next question...what do you get your non-boyfriend for Christmas/birthday?!

I keep debating trying something, but it could blow up horribly in my face. Banker has definitely been expressing having feelings for me more...openly mentioning that he has feelings and making an effort to compliment me more. And I'm so smitten with him that I've voluntarily stopped going on other dates. There were a few guys I saw regularly and still hang out with from time to time. If I let Banker know, how would that go? He asks what I'm doing pretty much every few hours. I'm always honest about what I'm doing, just don't necessarily throw in WHO I'm doing it with. Would that be a terrible idea? This week he did tell me he is not seeing anyone else, why can't I just be happy knowing that? I want to be his "girlfriend". I know it is just a silly label, but that label defines expectations and provides possibility of a future someday. No one gets engaged to and marries someone who is not their girl/boyfriend....unless its arranged marriage.

I guess I will have to wait to see what happens, and just be happy that he seems to have plans to have me in his life over the holidays.


  1. I tried to post this and it got deleted.

    Dont rush mr. Banker. He's a boy and boys can be stupid. However when you are comfortable have the dating exclusive talk and just don't put the label of bf/gf on it. It might be the label he isn't comfortable with. But he is going to be 30 and I'm sure that he's gettingsome some pressure from his parents to meet a nice girl and settle down.

    Dont rush into things. Take your time and enjoy this period of getting to know each other. And dint worry about christmas until it gets here. If he is serious about you, you'll probably be going to RI. But you can always invite him to Thanksgiving with your family. And don't be afraid to ask for advice. Dating is SCARY...especially when you really like someone.

  2. It sounds like he is just as smitten with you and if he's not dating anyone else...thats practically BF/GF without it being official voiced. ;)