Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Totally Twitterpated

((I'm not very career is research, so I liked this))

Luka was completely right... I can think of no better word to describe my current feelings than 'twitterpated'.

I debated whether or not to write this post for two reasons:
--If he is secretly reading my blog, I would be mortified.
--You all are going to get so tired of reading about my giant crush.

BUT I decided to post anyway because there might be some point in the future that I want to remember exactly how I feel right now... how floaty and cheerful I felt this morning.


I'm a planner.  It is who I am.  Anyone who wants to spend time with me pretty much knows that they need to make advanced plans with me.  Last week I made plans to see my friend, I'm going to call her Supermom, on Tuesday.  We don't see each other much and she's been going through a lot, so spending time with her this week was really important to me.

Banker called me a few minutes after leaving my house Sunday evening to make plans with me for this week.  He asked for Tuesday, but I told him I had plans with Supermom, so we settled on Wednesday.  Yesterday came, and when Supermom needed to cancel, Banker was more than pleased to make plans to come spend the evening with me since I was free.

I didn't feel well after getting stuck on a piece of chicken at dinner so we laid down for a while and talked until about 10:30.  He made several mentions of staying the night, but he had not (to my knowledge) brought an overnight bag so I said unless he wanted to wear Walmart clothes to work the next day (because I live within a mile of a Walmart) that he better get going home.

He left and within minutes of leaving, he called me.  It isn't unusual for him to call me on his drive home from my house.  It started because when we first met in April, he would get lost and call to ask directions, and over time, he just continued calling sometimes on his way home to occupy the 35 minute drive.

I asked if he got lost already, joking.

He said "No, I realized I have clothes in my car, so I'm  coming back if that's okay with you."

OF COURSE it was okay.  It was better than okay.  I was silently screaming for joy on the inside.  But I played it cool...or tried to.

When he returned, not only did he have his suit for work, but an overnight bag.  So I'm not sure that I believe he really "forgot" he was carrying a suit for work or that he just happened to have it with him.

It was a good night with him.  I slept really well and he held me almost the entire night.  It was sweet and very unexpected.  It is not usually so easy to share a bed with someone "new"-- even though I've known him for 5 months, he has only stayed three times now.  So I was surprised at how well we both slept.

I woke up in such a good mood this morning, and felt so happy.



  1. This old married woman does not get tired of hearing about your love life :-). I hope you all the happiness in the world!!!

  2. He totally packed those things ahead of time and then didn't make up his mind to stay until after he left. That means he missed you as soon as he left, so it's still pretty sweet.

    1. haha...that's cute. I really hadn't thought of it that way. I just kind of assumed he was debating telling me he packed an overnight bag without first asking if he could stay.

  3. You sound SO much like me whenI was your age. :) makes me reminiscent of the past. But it totally sounds like Banker is digging you as much as you are digging him.

    I know you've been burned in the past, but go with your gut. Only time will tell if he's a keeper--and you DO deserve the best!

    My mom always told me that you should marry your best friend--the person that knows everything about you and still loves you. Get to know Banker better--spend as much time together as possible--but don't be so joined at the hip that you exclude other friends and interests. (I'm guilty of that!). If it's meant to be, it will be...and I would love for this to 'be' for you!