Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Diet Bet Update

Hi Everyone!

So remember back in October, Jessica convinced me to start a DietBet?!  I can't believe 5 months (and 5 rounds have already passed) and I am please to say that I have surpassed my 10% weight loss.

My initial weight was 246.8 and yesterday's official Round 5 weigh-in documented my weight at 212.8.  That's a total of 34 pounds lost since I began in October, and although it isn't the earth shattering loss I would've liked, I will happily take it!

Here are two photos from DietBet... I apologize that I wasn't beauty contest read for either of them:

This photo was taken October 21, 2014 at 246.8 pounds

 This photo was yesterday at 212.8 pounds

Hopefully you all see a difference!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weight update- Total loss....

I don't know why I can't get this photo to rotate left, but in case you can't read to the side....
That says 212.4!!!
My starting weight was 344.4.

That's a total of 134.0 pounds lost!!!

After seeing the scale this morning, I was feeling myself and snapped this pic:
And I felt NORMAL.

Then we had a work outing to go ride a carousel today.

As I hopped up on my horse, I wondered if there was a weight limit.
And then I realized I am sure there heavier adults who've ridden these horse.

And guess what?  My horse did not break.
I'm not sure when I'll stop feeling like the fat girl I used to be.

Maybe one day I'll just feel like the semi-chubby girl I currently am ;)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gwynnie first month free-limited time only!!!

Gwynnie bee is doing first month free again today until March 12 only. Please use my referral link: http://goo.gl/efH6lJ

I've included a couple of photos of me in Gwynnie Bee dresses.

Getting Fancy

First of all, dress makers are assholes.

I went to this fundraising benefit for my friend's son's school last weekend.  It took me 4 tries to find a dress that fit.  SOOOO frustrating.  After losing 130 pounds, you'd think it gets easier, but apparently not.  My first attempt was an amazon buy, size 18W and it just fit weird.  I'm currently a 14/16 btw. My second attempt was PromGirl.com dress that was a size 3X.  It was FAR from fitting as well.  Third dress never arrived, and the 4th dress was another amazon attempt size 18.  It was a little large but I made it work.

The benefit was great, and I felt pretty, so I wanted to share a few photos: