Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Loose Skin + TMI Alert

I cannot wait to get to my goal weight and maintain for a lot of different reasons, but one MAJOR reason is so that I can start considering a Lower Body Lift.

While my skin is not THAT bad by most other people's standards, it really bothers me (and I'm still 50 pounds from goal).

So, how do you know when you have a skin problem?  (for me anyway)

Today, I went for my monthly Brazilian, and the Wax Specialist asked me to pull the skin on my lower tummy (upward) to make all the skin less loose.  Yep, that's embarrassing.

Excess skin is my current enemy.


  1. My enemy was my arm skin and I just did it ... : ) 30'ish lbs from goal and everything. I just didn't want to wait anymore. I feel far too often that I'm sorta done, just haven't been ready to actually call it "goal" because it's not. But I've been between 175 and 180 bouncing up and down for nearly 18 mos now. : )

  2. Ahhhh I had that happen too :( the worst feeling ever.