Monday, September 2, 2013

Finally Ready to Talk

Good morning!  It's almost 2am and I can't sleep, but I am in the mood to blog, so I finally stopped trying to fall asleep and dug out my old college laptop, it's so much easier to write a long post on a real keyboard.

So tomorrow I will start my second week at the new job.  There are some good and bad things...

The Good:  The people are really nice, I can tell I'll be working with a really knowledgeable group of people.  There are also enough other new people that I wont feel alone in being lost.  My study lead seems very nice, and told me anything I want to learn, she will help me get set up to learn it.

The Bad:  Complete lack of organization.  I was assigned to a rescue study-this means another CRO (Clinical Research Organization) had it and screwed it up, so it's my CRO's job to save it.  It's an Oncology study--in theory, the idea of curing cancer is cool, but Oncology studies in my previous experience are hard!  The database I'm working with was built and is managed in Germany...this means anytime I have a request, I will likely not get an answer until the next day due to the 6 hour time difference.  Both of my supporting leads are based in Massachusetts, so that will be an adjustment.

Neutral: The insurance.  I worry about how it will affect the cost of adjustments, etc.  I noticed there is a clause in the insurance for NO BARIATRIC SURGERY.  Thank God I did this a year ago almost.  I spoke to someone at the insurance company on Friday and she said to have my first fill and submit it to insurance to see how it goes.  If it is not covered, I can file something called "Continuity of Coverage appeal" to have the insurance cover my Lap Band adjustments until "the end of treatment"--which will be never right?

A selfie of me in my new size L (in Women's) jacket given to me by work.
There's a story behind this--to make it short, the receptionist doesn't like me, and he gave me a size XL Men's jacket first and said "Here this should be your size".
So yeah, I went back and showed him how it hung off of me and requested the correct size.

So, that's the work stuff.

Labor Day weekend was just what I needed to put me in a better mood.

Friday I got to have dinner with a good friend from college who has moved a few hours away.  We went to "our" sushi restaurant, where she and I have been going for 4 years.  It reminded me how much I truly miss sushi.  Right after surgery I ate sushi ONCE successfully, but not since then.  Every time I try I get stuck after the first bite.  Sometimes I think of all the things I would eat if I could just have my band completely unfilled for just one day.  Sushi is definitely at the top of the list.  Followed by pasta and donuts.

Saturday I went to visit my parents.  It is such a chore for my dad to figure out what I can eat.  He suggested Pizza.  REALLY DAD?!  We ended up having tacos.  If my mom goes through with surgery, his whole world is going to change...which wouldn't be a bad thing.  My dad is 6 inches shorter than me and finally I weigh less than him.  I worry about his health.  Anyway, my mom had her surgery consultation last week.  The surgeon doesn't really believe the band works and told her the sleeve would give her more metabolic changes.  I've tried researching this and I think that's just his preference, because it is just a restrictive surgery, not mal-absorption so it should in theory be similar to the band.  The surgeon told my mom if she wanted the band he would do it, but he never does fills under fluoro and she had a 40% chance of being AS SUCCESSFUL as if she had the sleeve.  I told her I think she needs a different consult with a doctor that is more band supportive if she wants the band.  First, it is imperative to have a doctor that BELIEVES YOU CAN SUCCEED!

It was actually a really nice visit with my parents Saturday and I left early Sunday morning to come home.  I had some cleaning up to do before a girlfriend of mine had a cookout.  I had a good time socializing with friends, but I got a bit too drunk.  I had brought one large drink with me, and it got me terribly wasted.  This is the first time I have gotten sick from alcohol since being banded.  I should knock on wood, but since being banded the only "throwing up" I have done is what you all would call a PB.  It is not like normal "vomit" and I don't really mind it too much.  But this alcohol induced vomit was not fun at all, and I hope to not do it again anytime soon.

Monday was nice, I just watched some TV, went to the pool for a couple of hours, and went out shopping for some patio furniture.  I got a really cute set for $60 at Home Depot--so happy about Labor Day sales...hopefully it wont get stolen!  My neighbor's lawn mower got stolen from their back yard last Christmas so I don't have high hopes for how long it will be around.
New Patio Set

So, that was my labor day weekend.

I'm really missing Mr. Banker.  I haven't seen him in a week now.  He went to Rhode Island to visit family.  I'm glad he went because he hadn't seen his family since last winter, but I do miss him.  I'm picking him up from the airport on Wednesday and I cannot wait!  I'm really happy that he asked me, I think that's kind of significant.  He keeps talking about wanting to go on a "real date date" when he gets home...he has mentioned it at least 6 times over the weekend.  I guess he recognizes that the friend functions we go to and spending time together cooking/grilling out doesn't really constitute 'date nights' and he wants to change that.  I do like that idea, just hope it happens.  Saturday night is my friend's birthday and he is supposed to go with me to her party.  I'm excited about that since I will have a lot of friends there too.  

Anyway, hopefully things continue to look up!  More updates to come!


  1. I can't eat sushi either...booo. I miss spicy tuna rolls...

  2. Sounds like things are pretty good with Mr. Banker!

    Booo to the negative doctor! Captain Butt Face!

  3. yay about the jacket. yay about the patio set. boo about it might being stolen at some time--but if it is--it was only $60! and yay about mr. banker!

    glad your job is going better--its only week two--you have time to adjust and get used to the time differences with your project people. :)

  4. Oh! And I forgot to mention another positive! This company has those giant 5 gallon bottled water fountains. I love it. Fresh, tasty water readily available to me! I didn't have that at my old job. The water there was really really terrible.

    And I have a door on my cube, which almost makes me feel like I have an office :)

  5. What a jerky receptionist...blegh...

    Cute patio set!

    That's really too bad about your mother's doctor, I hope she can find one that's way more supportive.

  6. What a great update! Glad you had a nice weekend!

  7. Echoing the jerky receptionist! I'm glad you went back and showed him how it fit you!

    Love the pic. You are looking GREAT!

  8. I would so get a sleeve instead of the band if I had the chance to do over...just my two cents..and I consider myself pretty successful with the band...but I have a friend who got the sleeve same time I got band and her success was quicker and easier than mine