Sunday, September 8, 2013

Call me Red... I mean Abby!

For those of you who watch SCANDAL, my hair/outfit in this post are going to make a lot more sense to you.

'Abby' with jello shot and birthday drink!

2 Abby's (A and Me)
...with orange rind jello shots in our mouths.

"The clients"...I'm on the 2nd row, 2nd person

Me and Patrice....aka Olivia Pope!

I love this picture, compared to the ones below from last year....

Yesterday was my good friend Patrice's 26th birthday.  Patrice is known for her ridiculous parties.  Last year was 'Bar Golf'.  We played 9 holes...which meant going to 9 different bars and getting a different drink at each bar.  Needless to say, we did not make it through the night.  Here's a couple of pictures from that adventure in 2012:

Holy smokes what a difference one year will make!
Those pink pants last year were a size 26.  I bought them the day before the party because I had nothing that fit.  The skirt I wore this year was a 16.

So I really liked the idea of this Scandal gave us a chance to dress up and all look like we are actually adults.  Before the party, my dear friend A, her 'boyfriend' Firefighter, me and Mr. Banker went out for a nice dinner.  Banker was wearing a suit (He was being Harrison, for those of you who watch the show).  I thought we looked really cute together, sadly there is no photo of us taken together last night.  The restaurant itself was really nice.  It was at A's favorite steak restaurant, and I was really disappointed with my meal.  I ordered the filet mignon from the children's menu with mashed potatoes... it was a 2-3oz filet, perfect portion for me, but it was much overcooked.  Luckily my band allowed me to eat it anyway.

After dinner we went to the party.  There weren't many people there yet and Mr. Banker felt overdressed.  He ended up taking my car to his place to change since he lives closeby.  The night was really low key, which is not what I'm used to for Patrice's birthday.  Banker and I got much too drunk and ended up getting caught "getting a room".  Ooops...

He went to my car to get my pajamas and when he came in, he told me a guy there had asked him if he was my boyfriend.  I didn't ask him his response, but today the guy who asked him sent me a message so I asked what he said.  He said that Banker said Yes :):):)  Now, I do know he was drunk, so it doesn't necessarily mean anything, but I am still happy that was the answer.  I did not at all expect it to be.  We stayed the night at Patrice's house and woke up bright and early.  He had to get home to take care of his two godsons...his best friends are out of town right now so he will have the boys for 10 days.

During the party though, I got an interesting email.  Remember those blogs I wrote about my ex?  If not, click here or here.  Someone stumbled across my blog that knew him.  I thought he played me, but I can honestly say I don't think what I went through compares to her story.  When I received her first email, his name in the subject line, my stomach literally went to the floor.  Mr. Banker read it all over my face and immediately asked if I was okay.  I excused myself to correspond briefly and got a longer version of the story this morning.  I honestly can say I am so happy to be free from him.  He is truly a sociopath and I hope to never wish I could have him in my life again.


  1. I love your blog because of all the pics you post! Makes me feel like I'm there. Love the party pics!!

  2. What a fun party! You look fantastic!