Monday, September 30, 2013

Food Addict Needs a Fill

I am a food addict.

There is nothing else I am or have ever been addicted to.  But I can say with 100% certainty that I am a food addict.

I had this surgery to help me with my addiction.  And MOST OF THE TIME it does.

But this weekend I was out of control.  For those of you who don't understand food addiction this may sound funny (although I suspect many of you reading this do).

My band is NOT AT ALL tight.  In fact, it is almost like it is not there at all.  And I can't control myself.

This weekend was an absolute shit-show when it came to food.  And it doesn't help that my right foot is messed up to the point I can hardly walk.

Soooo...PLEASE tell me your secrets for what you do when you are out of control.  My fill appointment isn't until October 17 so I NEED to do something to get myself under control.

Normally I'd go on an all liquid diet to push "reset" but literally it feels like I don't have a band right now, so I know that will not work.

Here's a few things I will try...


No more chocolate.


I am so disappointed in myself over this weekend's eating.  I think I may have eaten 5 pints of ice cream.  I'm not joking.  That wouldn't even be a funny joke.


  1. I had the same problem this weekend. I felt like I could not get enough food, and it did not help I had my monthly visiter. But I am going to go back to tracking my food on paper, and call my Dr.

  2. I think you have the right idea--stay away from the ice cream aisle. Focus on protien.

    When I was in my six month phase, I would eat out of control on weekends. seriously--nonstop eating. So I started making a pot of turkey chili every saturday--and I wouldn't allow myself to eat anything EXCEPT for that all day. If I was hungry, I had to be hungry enough to eat turkey chili. If I didn't want turkey chili--then I wasn't really hungry. And I would do the same thing on Sunday with leftovers. I don't know if its a great plan--but it seemed to work. I lost weight steadily during my six months pre-surgery, and I do believe that the turkey chili trick helped. And besides, it was chock full of healthy protien and veggies and beans--so even if I DID eat alot of it--it was all healthy. Just a thought.

    But of course, I'm the last person that should be giving advice on how to handle being a food addict--since I am one too!

    I also have the 'bite it write it' book--anything that goes in my mouth gets written down in a little book I carry with me. Sure, no technology, but I like holding myself accountable.

    Good luck! You will get through this! We are here for you!

  3. I hear you. Ice Cream is my drug of choise too. Keep blogging, keep tracking, keep full on protien. And I'll be trying to do the same.

    Sometimes, I have to use a mantra while I'm shopping. "I can have it, but I don't need it" usually helps me. It tells me that I'm allowed to do it (if I CAN NOT have something, it makes me want it more), and the second part - I don't need it - so that I don't buy it.

    Chin up ! You can do it.

  4. girl weekends are hard one for me too.. not normally for ice cream and such but I dont get enough ( my version of enough 100+) protein and sometime have a hard time with water... i just run around all weekend and loose my focus. I mean weekdays when Iam at work and I know what my food game plan it ( pretty much the same everyday) I have no problems but it all goes to hell on the weekends when I am not in my normal routine. and Sorry your foot is still bothering you :(

  5. Ugh....too much icecream....been there...done that. Its hard to step away from the food when its right there. Of course the best plan is don't even let it in the house...but when thats not an option and its staring you in the face...throw it away. Seriously. Chuck it into the sink and pour soap on it. You'll waste a total of what...$4 maybe? Just do it. ;)

  6. Hi Hollee,

    I'd be asking myself what's going on in my head right now? What led up to the out of control food episode over the weekend? Did you have a bad week at work, an argument with someone close etc. How have you been feeling about you lately? Usually, as with any addiction, something will have triggered off the binge.

    Acknowledge that what's happened has happened, and try and learn from it for next time, but REALLY try to refrain from beating yourself up about it! This will only keep the spiral downward going. Try and think about how far you've come, what you've accomplished, the hurdles you've already faced and have overcome, and write down some reasons why you want to keep going.

    Hope this helps. Blips are normal in progress! Keep going :)

  7. I wish I had tips but I am in the same boat. As a addict it is near to impossible to stop myself when I hit that one beat some tick in my head. I have been trying to read more and stay away from the kitchen in hopes to prevent some of these attacks and I hope it will get easier :D