Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ten Things Thursday + Weigh In

1. I was too nervous to weigh myself this morning before my WLS appointment.
This is yesterday's weight: 249.8
Starting weight: 344.4
Total Loss: 94.6

I was afraid I was going to gain because I totally pigged out, but I weighed in right at 251 at the Dr office (with clothes on) so I wont complain.

2.  This was my last adjustment appointment that I will see my WL surgeon.
At my next appointment, my PA will be back from maternity leave and I'm so excited!
I haven't seen her in 8 months and I hope she will be proud when she sees what I've accomplished since she last saw me.

3.  This morning I got my friend to get tickets to see Jay Z in January.
When I told Banker, he was obviously very disappointed I did not ask him.
C'mon, the show is in January?!  Am I supposed to plan that far ahead with a guy I have a crush on and am not dating?  Yes, I'm totally twitterpated with him, but I get scared to ask him to plan something that far out...

4.  I am thinking of joining a gym in my office complex.  There is an up front fee but only $10/month after that.  

5.  I have been contemplating getting a puppy recently.
And I found her.
I just need to decide if I can afford her.






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  1. I want a puppy too! But I am told NO NO NO by all I know. Too much work. And I already have two dogs. . .