Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

1. The scale is not my friend today.
When the scale is not being my friend, I decide to post pictures of what losing 100 pounds looks like instead.
Here ya go!
Hope you're not offended that the recent photo is under garments instead of a bikini.
Same difference to me.

2.  I have had a really off week.
Mr. Banker and I had a "fight" on Tuesday.
I told him that his 'girlfriend' comment on Monday bothered me and he was very apologetic.
But I didn't let it go there.  That was a mistake.  After he apologized, I should've been done.  But I was in a mood and I didn't let it go there.  So we went 24 hours without really speaking, which is very strange.  I apologized for 'pushing' and he again apologized for offending me, and we're back to almost normal.

3.  I have a story for you about Mr. Banker and how we met.
Mr. Banker and I met online.
That isn't the fun part of this story though.
Two years ago, right after everything ended with the sociopath, I went through a series of serial dating.  It was pretty horrific actually.  I was going through men faster than water.  During that time, Mr. Banker responded to an online dating ad and I didn't even respond to him.  I thought he was too short, too young, too skinny, not what I was looking for.  In fact, Mr. Banker responded to me on at least 3 separate occasions and I never wrote back.
Fast forward, one year...
I get on a different dating site, and here is Mr. Banker again.  Still I didn't give him the time of day.
Another year later, April 2013 and he responds again.  And I'm just like, wow this guy is persistent so I decided to at least meet him.

I'm so glad I finally gave him a chance :)
I think people come into your life at the right time.  2 years ago, Mr. Banker and I wouldn't have had a chance at anything real, I wouldn't have been ready at that time.  I think we do now, so I'm glad I was being a superficial bitch way back when.

It is a little sad and happy at the same time that it's taken 2 years to feel like myself again after the broken mess that my ex left.  But I honestly feel happy and more like myself around Mr. Banker than I have since all of that happened.

Not to mention, I love that he has been attracted to me at 344 pounds and now at 240something.

4.  I feel crappy today.
Like my whole body hurts.
I don't know what is wrong, but I'm not liking it.

5.  I may have lost my mind, but Vanessa  has given me the bug.
I talked to a friend yesterday who has registered!
She's super athletic and loves the national parks.
And by June, I better be at my goal weight, so this is doable!

6.  I got my Adjustment moved up to next Thursday.
Thank goodness.
It's 9:25am and I'm sitting at my desk eating my lunch (grilled chicken and squash).

7.  I better hurry up and get my act together befor I see my PA on Thursday.
I haven't seen her since February and I don't want to start out on a bad note now that she is back from maternity leave!

8.  You all inspire and encourage me so much!
Thank you!

9.  NSV!
I haven't worn a size 12 jeans since I was 14 years old.
Until yesterday :)
They were tight.
And after about 9 hours in them, I felt like my internal organs were screaming.
But I wore a fucking size 12!  YEAH!

10.  Can it be the freakin weekend yet?!
Ice cream is not on my to-do list though.



  1. You Look Awesome!!!!! :) Love your top ten this week.

  2. You are rockin it girl! Such a huge difference in the bikini photos, and you look great in those size 12 jeans! Who cares if they were tight??

    **Sigh**...size 12...I'll be there too one day ;)

  3. Holy crap you are looking GOOD. And size 12. Hells yes. I don't think I can squeeze my but into a size 12....YET!

  4. Ummmm....hello Ms. Fierceness! You are looking hot!

  5. Yay for the size 12 nsv!!! Woohoo! Yes! sign up for the yellowstone half! its already half full - so get on it! I ran 2.5 miles tonight in the trails....a long way from 13.1 miles!!

  6. Awesome progress Hollee! Congrats on size 12!