Monday, October 21, 2013


I don't have anything TOO exciting to talk about... maybe I'm feeling kind of blah.

Friday I felt soooo bad from not sleeping/being hung over after Thursday's UNC game.  I stayed home and made the copykat Wendy's chilli recipe.  It was pretty good, but I think I should've added just a little extra tomato juice since I drained all of the grease, just to make it a little more 'brothy'.

Here's the recipe.

Saturday I met Donna from Happily After Lap Band for lunch at a cute little Mexican Restaurant.  It was really great meeting her!  She is so easy to talk to and for me it is always nice meeting someone else who is banded and can understand the struggles that go along with being banded.  None of my friends "get it" the way you all do... while they're great and supportive, it is different to be able to talk to someone who has shared my experiences.

After lunch, I met two friends and their kids at a pumpkin patch.  It really made me miss my nephew in California.  I have fun memories from taking him to the pumpkin patch in my hometown.

In the evening I was supposed to go out in downtown Raleigh, but I had a little headache so my friend and I opted to stay in with a glass of wine.  It's really what I needed to do anyway, to catch up.  Another friend-CL, was out in downtown Raleigh and saw Mr. Banker.  CL and Mr. Banker had never met, but both knew a lot about each other and had seen photos of each other.  CL spent her evening drunkenly watching him to make sure he wasn't being "bad" and at the end of the night introduced herself to him.  Luckily he knew she was just drunk and I hadn't put her up to spying on him.  I already knew he wasn't being bad, he'd spent his evening texting with me while he was out...

He called me on his way home from the club and we talked for a long while.  He mentioned for the second time in the last week that he remembers my birthday.  I really think he thinks our little argument three weeks ago came out of him not remembering my birthday, it really didn' was his "If I had a girlfriend" comment.  But it's nice to know he's making an effort to remember my birthday.

Yesterday I didn't do anything.  I napped most of the day and watched football.  I think I might be starting to get anemic after 2 straight weeks of PMS :(  I need it to stop SOON!

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  1. try to eat some red meat, if you can, or even pork--anything animal protien can help boost your red blood cells. Even something like a bee broth might help. I always get more anemic during my time of the month. Hope you feel better soon!