Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lap Band Reset.....Complete

So I think I have a girl-crush on my PA (Erica).  I was wayyy too excited to see her today.  It's been 8 months since I saw her and I smiled for probably the first time all week.  I'm down in the dumps... eating my way through my feelings.  So I knew I had gained weight, just wasn't sure how much as I refused to step on the scale after seeing 260 one night.  I was PISSED at myself.

So I weighed 254 at the doctor this morning.  That's +3 pounds since my last adjustment.  I expected Erica to yell at me, but she didn't.  She didn't even bring up the gain, so I did it for her.

Her response was "Hollee, you're doing great.  You're a phenomenal band patient.  Life happens, but here you are getting an adjustment anyway.  Let's just get your band tightened so you can keep up the good work."

Then when she saw how fast the barium went through my band before my adjustment she said it was no wonder I'd been hungry and gained weight.

So, I feel good.  I just need to tweak my habits with the help of this adjustment and keep it moving.

My surgeon refuses to ever tell me the total amount in my band, but Erica always tells me.

After a +0.8 CC fill, I now have 6.6 CC in my band.  I'll see her again in 4 weeks.  This is great.

I feel like I'm starting over :)

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  1. yay.. i am so happy she is back for you.. and her responce to you was perfect..