Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Have you been a bad surgeon?

LBG posted this very thought provoking article on her facebook about Allergan removing surgeons from their website for poor aftercare.  So I went on over to see if my mom's surgeon was listed.  Remember, the surgeon who was trying to push her away from the band, who told her the band doesn't work, etc.

Surprise, he is not.

That's sarcasm.

But the real surprise was that my surgeon is not there either.

Has anyone changed doctors after surgery for personal reasons (something other than moving)?  I'm not considering changing doctors, just a question out of curiosity.


  1. i checked and my surgeon isn't on the lapband website either. Of course, he's not the super touchy feel personal touch kindo of person. he's a surgeon--and is threfore, very clinical and professional--also, his practice is not just LB--he also does sleeve and RNY--which is the bulk of the patients. He does very few LB surgeries. He is the only one that does any adjustments for the LB, too. The aftercare and support is provided by the staff--which is fine as they are great--but the practice size has gotten to the point that care does suffer b/c of the massive influx of patients. There are only two surgeons in the office--it takes a while to get an appt unless its emergency. so once you're done, you're pretty much on your own unless you get your own support group going.

    I think that unless I move, I won't be making any changes to my providers although I do wish that there was more lapband support. .

  2. Interesting...mine was an army doctor....he's a good surgeon, but I don't know that they are put on "the list" anyhow as they aren't available to the general public. Either way...aftercare here is poor. I wish there was more. There is a ton for RNY patients...maybe because there are so many more of them...?

  3. My surgeon has more than once boasted that he is THE Lap Band guy in the office, so it was shocking to me to see that he was NOT on the list and another provider in the same practice is. I have said many times before, Dr. Yoo is a great surgeon but lacks the 'people' aspect of his job, but he STRESSES aftercare. Other doctors had steered me away from the band in favor of RNY (because of the amount I needed to lose) and he let me choose. So I was genuinely shocked he wasn't there.

  4. Lap Band did not work for me. I had many complications. I left my surgeon for Jin Yoo and really liked him. I left my surgeon because I blames them for all my complications. But found out that it was the band not working, not my surgeon. I heard that a lot of doctors were trying to steer people away from the band now because of all the complications post surgery. It has worked great for you. You look great. Wish it had worked for me.

    1. I didn't realize you see Dr. Yoo! So do I :)

    2. I don't see him anymore. I got a kink in my band and they are not able to put any fluid in. I have to get surgery to get it fixed but cant afford it. I did like Dr. Yoo though!! Keep up the good work!!

    3. Thank you so much for the support and encouragement. I hope that you'll be able to get your band fixed or a corrective surgery. I know that WLS has changed my life. I'm sorry your band has malfunctioned.