Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tricks, NOT treats, from an Adult Bully

Has everyone see THIS STORY about the woman in North Dakota who has decided she's only giving candy to the kids she deems a 'healthy weight' and the 'obese' kids will get letters regarding their problem?

I can't cover everything wrong with this in the 5 minutes I have on my break at work, but this PISSED ME OFF!

First, who gives this woman the right to decide who 'deserves' candy and who doesn't?  I'm pretty sure she wont have her BMI calculator handy either.

Isn't candy equally unhealthy for the kids who are 'acceptable' weights?

Do you really think your letter is going to make the kids feel any better?

I'm pretty sure if I was that obese kid that got a "You're fat" letter, I would just go home and eat the candy I got from the rest of my neighbors, to smother my hurt feelings.

Lady, you're ridiculous.


  1. Exactly! What is sad is that children learn by example so if she has children, I am sure they are bullies. :(

  2. I heard about that on the radio this morning. I hope locally that they aired/posted her address...I would NEVER take my kid to her house. I hope someone TP's and eggs her house :)

    1. I like how your think RockBand Barbie :)

  3. yep - this really made me sad. Really sad.

  4. It makes me get that stabby feeling....