Monday, June 3, 2013

Wonderful Weekend

What a lovely weekend I had!

Friday night, after running group, I drove to my parents because I was attending a wedding in their town on Saturday.  My best friend's sister was getting married and I was her "date".  It was a beautiful wedding and gave me a little wedding-fever.  Unfortunately I don't have a potential groom, so I need to get off of that!

Savannah and Me at the wedding reception.
Do you see all of those cupcakes behind us?!  Ugh...I had one...or two.
The exciting thing about this picture is that we're almost the same size!  That hasn't happened in many many years.

Savannah's family hadn't seen me since surgery, so it was definitely nice to hear all of the compliments from everyone.  That never gets old...  Also at the wedding I got a strange "compliment" from one of the bridesmaids.  This gorgeous, fit, tan, perfect, barbie looking girl told me I have "beautiful breasts" as I was coming into the bathroom.  It was just kind of funny, I was kind of unsure how to take it haha.

Then on Sunday, I went to the beach with my friend Kira.

The beach is only a two hour drive from my house, so we went to the beach for just a few hours and came home.
Kira and Me on the beach
Just me

Unfortunately, I'm paying for it today.  I'm very very sunburned!  Ugh :(

Just call me Lobster Hollee.

Regardless of the burn, it was a lovely weekend.  And I ate pretty well actually, which makes me happy!  I haven't weighed myself in days though, so I am a little nervous to step on the scale.  I usually weigh myself several times a day, but since I've been away from my scale, it hasn't happened, and I forgot this morning.  Hopefully it wont be too bad....after 10 glasses of wine at the wedding and a cupcake and a half.


  1. you look awesome girl! You are doing great!! glad you had fun

  2. I LOVE that suit!! And it looks great on you :)

  3. Great swim suit! You are rocking it girl!