Thursday, June 27, 2013

Another Ten Things Thursday

1.  I forgot to weigh myself this morning.  I'm not sure if it was really "forgot" or if I just knew it wasn't going to be good so I didn't.  I will do it when I get home, or maybe in the morning.

2.  Next Week is July 4.  It was this week last year that I started contemplating surgery, called the office to set up a consultation.  Then I went to Miami with an ex-friend who was banded and decided on that trip, on July 4, that I would definitely be getting the band.  It is kind of ironic that I made this decision, knowing the 'friend' I was with was banded and had not been successful at all with her weight loss, but I knew I HAD to change my life.

3.  Dating Update:  The Banker is gone.  I wouldn't have thought it would play out the way it has at all.  Robocop showed up on the exact day that the Banker started acting distant.  Banker said he was dealing with some depression related to missing his friends and family (he isn't originally from NC) but after a while I got tired of asking him to do things and being turned down.  I feel really happy with Robocop right now, and I hope this will continue.  Only time will tell.

4.  My work stuff really isn't getting any better.  I feel used, abused, and unappreciated.  The thing is, I know if I was making more money, I would be happy.  It is just that they're giving me all these new responisibilities, and even a new "acting" title, while also refusing to increase my pay. 

5.  Speaking of work, we had a pot-luck breakfast for data managers today and I did really well.  I got just a few small things- a deviled egg, some green chile grits, and some type of sausage/egg casserole.  I was still hungry at the end of the breakfast meeting, but at least I didn't overdo it.

6.  I really want to try a recipe for no-dough pizza...  I saw Donna's Cloud Bread Recipe on her blog about a week ago and have been dying to try Cloud Bread Pizza.  Unfortunately I couldn't find any Cream of Tartar at Walmart OR Harris Teeter.  Luckily I stumbled across another recipe that doesn't use Cream of Tartar so I'm going to try it and let you all know how it goes!  Unfortunately it is probably less healthy, as it uses parmesean cheese instead, but after 9 months without bread, I don't care much!

7.  I'm excited to be having ladies' night at my house Saturday night.  I have the most awesome group of friends.  They're not all friends outside of me, but they all get along so well and know each other well enough through me that you would think we have all been friends forever.  There will be pictures.

8.  My muscles in my lower leg have been hurting.  I don't even know what to call it.  It's not my calf muscles because it is on the sides of my legs, not the back.  Not sure what's going on, but I've continued running through the pain.

9.  The mother I used to nanny for (2009-2012) emailed me earlier this week.  It was really unexpected, but I had emailed her several months ago to ask if she wanted me to babysit sometime.  When I visited them in January, she mentioned me picking up some Friday night babysitting, which I declined because it was too far to drive after a long work-week.  So I offered my services on Saturday or Sunday in my last email, but she had never responded so I assumed she wasn't interested.  It was nice to hear from her this week, and I hope I'll have the chance to babysit the kids soon.  They severely under-pay me, but I miss those children a lot.

10.  The color scheme on my blog today is to express my happiness at yesterday's decision regarding DOMA/Prop 8.  I promise I wont bombard you all with politics, because I know we all have a right to our own opinion, but I couldn't help expressing my happiness!

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  1. MORNING! No night weigh-ins... always a bad/depressing idea.