Thursday, June 13, 2013

I love Thursdays.... TTT

1.  I'm starting to think I should change my weigh-in day to Thursday.

That's -3.4 pounds since yesterday, and 1 pound down from last week's Thursday weight.
I pretty much ALWAYS run on Wednesdays so maybe that's why my Thursday weigh-in looks better.

2.  My food choices yesterday were pretty good.
I feel the need to explain my 'dinner' choice though.  I still cannot eat after running.  I thought since my band is DEFINITELY looser, I could for sure attempt food.  It took me about 45 minutes to finish that yogurt.  And at times, it hurt, almost feeling stuck.  I don't know why running makes this band feel so tight, but it definitely does. No PB'ing yesterday though.

3.  The Banker came running with me yesterday.  I did really poorly, but it made me realize how much I really do like him.  I was hot, sweaty, gross, and still smiling because I love being around him.

4. OMG...Loose skin.
It has been REALLY bothering me lately.  I am 25 years old, my body should NOT look like this. 
When I see myself in the mirror, sometimes I get angry for letting myself get so big so that now I look so deflated.

It really isn't that bad, I've seen some SERIOUS skin problems, and mine isn't that.  But it is definitely getting more noticeable and bothers me.  Yesterday after running, I put my hands on my hips and could feel my skin trying to escape over the rim of my running shorts.  It wasn't fat, it was definitely skin.

I cannot wait to get to goal so I can schedule a plastic surgery consultation.  I have no idea how I will afford said plastic surgery, but I can't live with this skin.

5.  Today, my desk at work is being raised to a standing desk. 
Since I started running, I HATE sitting at work all day.  Luckily my work offers the option to have a standing desk, so I sent the request a few weeks ago and it is finally happening today.
P.S. Standing burns about 500 more calories per day than sitting for a person of my weight.

6.  I'm getting super excited for the color vibe run next weekend!

7. I am meeting a family for a babysitting "interview" this evening. 
I hope it goes well, I love kids and the little extra cash wouldn't hurt my pockets at all.

8. I work in clinical trials and I've participated in them to make extra money.
I started looking into them again yesterday.
It's awesome that I fit into the usual BMI eligibility criteria, but I'm finding out that my band excludes me from some drug studies.  Most physicials wont want to use any bariatric surgery patient if they're testing Pharmacokinetics (What happens to the drug once it's in your body, how quickly it depleats, etc).

You win some, you lose some I guess.

9.  Speaking of clinical trials, just FYI, in case you're thinking about it, don't do it unless you know what you're looking for (Phase, duration, known Adverse Events, etc).  It can really be awful.

Two years ago I participated in a research study for HIV Prevention.  They wanted healthy (not HIV-Infected) volunteers to take this drug for 33 days and then give biopsies to see if they could infect the tissue with HIV after taking the drug.  So yeah, I made close to $3000 in less than 2 months for what I thought was going to be nothing.  I was sick EVERY SINGLE DAY.  And nausea was NOT a known Adverse Event.  It was miserable.

10.  I'm going consignment shopping today.
I NEED some new summer dresses.  I love wearing dresses during the summer and I only have 2 maxi dresses.  Cross your fingers.  I never used to be able to shop in a consignment store.  Hopefully I'll get lucky today and this can be a new NSV...I haven't had (or haven't noticed) any NSV's in a long while.


  1. WOOO HOOO GIRL THAT IS AWESOME!!! And I cant wait to meet you next weekend either :)

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying your time with the banker... have fun at the color run!!

  3. You are doing awesome! I have been having some "skin" hating issues lately too! I am trying to change my mindset and work towards a better attitude over it... I guess it is kind of working!

  4. Let me know how the color vibe goes! Mine is in July. I think it's going to be a blast! I'm not liking my skin issues either right now. But you are doing great so keep up the good work!

  5. A standing desk at work? Genius! So excited for you!

  6. We have some standing desks at my work too, but you have to get a doctor's note to get one. Who has time for that nonsense?
    I've been hating on my loose skin too. I thought I'd be able to live with it, but lately, I've been wondering if a tummy tuck and maybe even a breast lift, aren't going to be mandatory.
    Good luck dress shopping!