Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Weigh-In + TTT

1.It's official.  I'll be weighing in on Thursdays from now on.
That's -1.8 pounds from last Thursday and 87.2 pounds lost overall.

2.  Hanger is such a good word.  I get really hangry (hungry + angry) if I don't pay attention to what and when I eat.  Yesterday was one of those days.  The whole day I had less than 300 calories and I felt like a raging bitch before bed.  I think I'm still kind of feeling the effects, but recovering.

3.  One of my favorite quick meals is the Chocolate Vivanno Smoothie from Starbucks.  Love it.... 270 Calories and 18g protein.

4.  Loving my outfit today.  It's all recycled clothes.
$4 shirt from consignment shopping last week
Free Size 14 Old Navy Jeans

Can you believe I started this in a size 26 jeans 9months ago!??!

5.  At work they've decided to put me in charge of one of the new studies. 
I will be the acting Lead Data Manager and Study Coordinator for the project.
That would be great and all if the pay was coming with the title.

6.  Speaking of work, my company is sending me to New Orleans in September.  Any NOLA bloggers out there?  I can't think of any, but not everyone discloses their location so openly.

7.  I still hate dating.  Don't really want to talk about what's going on because just anyone could do a quick google search to find my blog if they wanted to... but hopefully I'll make some definitive decisions soon and give you all an update.

8.  Did anyone see that the American Medical Association has decided to recognize Obesity as a disease?
Interesting read.

Wonder what the implacations could be for plastic surgery post weight-loss?

9.  Color Vibe is this weekend!  I have quite a group of running support and that's exciting.  Can't wait to tell you all about it!

10.  I'm exhausted and feeling weak.  Can't really come up with a tenth thing of substance to talk about.


  1. I think I'm going to join you on the Thursday weigh in!! The last 2 weeks have been the same for me too!!!

  2. Love the smoothie idea from starbucks. Never had it, but I will definitely try!