Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

I haven't done this in a while, so here goes...

1.  Tomorrow is my last day of C25K and I'm so glad it will be over.  I am tired of driving an hour and a half round trip to run three times a week, but I will definitely miss my group!  We are having a second group in a few weeks, so I'm sure I will stop in from time to time.
Photo from yesterday's group:
Lorie, Mia, Janet, Marti, me, Victoria, Kira, Jill, and George

2.  Better than yesterday:

3.  Work is really stressing me out.  The have officially let me know they will not be pursuing a promotion for me until the 2014 cycle, so it's time for me to hit the ground running with applying for other opportunities.  I have loved my company for 3 years, they're one of the top ten places to work in my city, but I feel that they are taking advantage of me.

4.  Mr. Banker really has good potential.  He is funny and doesn't have tons of extra baggage, my friends like him.  I haven't seen him in about a week though.  We are both really busy people, and I'm a planner, he's not.  It makes it difficult to see each other because my schedule fills up.  Hopefully he'll figure it out if he wants to see me....

5.  I'm hungry, I don't feel like my band is tight, but Tuesday I PB'd fish sticks and this morning I PB'd half an egg with Salsa.  I'm not sure about the fish sticks, but I think the salsa caused this morning's problem.  All those tomato skins in the salsa are probably pretty similar to grapes, cherries, apple skins, etc. that I can't eat.  UGH.

6. I obviously need a new color for my isn't it.  Just noticed while writing this....

7.  My parents are so awesome.  Last week they came to town to landscape my yard.  It looks lovely!  They spent 8 hours digging out all of the old bushes and planting new flowers/baby bushes.

8.  Have I ever mentioned how awesome my friends are?  Honestly I think I have been TRULY blessed in this department, and I can't tell you all enough how great they are.

9.  In case anyone was wondering, I caved and sent the picture of my fabulous new self to my ex.  He didn't answer, and that's for the best.  Coincidentally, if you search his name now, my post comes up.  (SCORE!)

10.  I'm really missing my sisters.  I'm contemplating a quick weekend trip to California as soon as I get my finances in order.  I've been looking at tickets online every day.


  1. When searching for airline tickets, clear your browsing history beforehand. The cookies make it able to see you are searching for flights and sometimes sites like Orbitz raise prices since they know you need a flight. (read this on a travel site so i'm not sure if its true but worth a shot)

  2. OMG your parents did a great landscaping job!! Please give them my address...