Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday- 9 months post-op

Starting Weight: 344
Last Thursday's Weight: 259
Today's Weight: 258.6

That's -0.6 pounds since last week
And 85.6 pounds lost at 9 months post-op.

I'm going to weigh in again tomorrow, and if Thursday is AGAIN the better day, I may have to change my weekly weigh-ins to Thursday.  Tuesday nights tend to be date nights and Wednesday are run nights, so that could have something to do with the results of the following day's weigh-ins.

I really thought my weigh in this week would be better, but I'm trying not to complain.  But at this rate, losing 1/2 pound every week, it's going to take me 2 years to get to my goal...ugh.


  1. hey congrats on the loss....a loss is a loss...celebrate it!

  2. you are doing great but if Thurdays is a better day due to running on Wed... Def switch no since it getting discouraged :)

  3. Wowzers. Your progress is super quick! 85.6lbs in 9 months?!? You are ROCKIN' it. Onwards.

  4. You're doing great! It might sneak up on ya after being slow for a few weeks...

  5. Hey you are IN it for the LONG haul! Going down the scale is always a GOOD thing no matter how long it takes!

  6. Good job! Keep up the great work! Congrats and happy Bandiversary!

  7. Don't worry, it adds up quick and the weeks fly by! You are doing GREAT!