Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Woeful Weigh in Wednesday

+2.4 pounds since last Thursday

I considered not weighing in today because I was so upset with myself, but in the interest of accountability, here I am anyway.

What did I do wrong?  Well, Friday I went to the grocery store and bought a gallon of ice cream (1/2 gallon of birthday cake and 1/2 gallon of Thin Mint).  I ended up turning them upside down in the sink when I realized I couldn't stop myself, but I'd probably already gone too far.  I didn't even like the thin mint flavor (although it is my favorite girl scout cookie) but I kept eating it anyway.  Reminder of why I got the band.

This will be a better week.

I have officially canceled tomorrow's fill appointment and rescheduled for July 11.  This really could be a very long month.  I hope I've made the right choice.  Aside from my weekend ice cream, my food choices really have been very good.


  1. took some serious strength to stop the binge and throw out the "scream"....good for you. Celebrate that win and focus on your solid proteins. You will kick this!!!

  2. Good for you, for both A. dumping the ice cream and B. getting on the scale to be accountable!

  3. Good for you. We'll all stumble along, the important part is to get back up and keep going. Just like you did!

  4. Nice accountability. What's the plan to make good choices this week?

    1. On good days, I plan all of my meals/snacks in the morning. And I'm good at sticking to them. Today was one of those good days. Ice cream is a bad spot for me, and I'm going to eat ice cream from time to time, so I wont lie to myself and say I wont.

      In the future, I will buy those tiny ben & jerry's single servings that come with a tiny spoon. It is enough to satisfy without killing my whole day!

    2. I try to stick with the little ones too! The tiny Skinny Cow portions. I can have them in the freezer for the days I feel like I "need" ice cream, but can't really do any more damage than 180 calories.

      Good for you for posting the weigh-in! The last time I had a bad one, I delayed weigh-in day for two days to fix it, because I'm a baby.

  5. good job. Posting on the days I dont want to are the best learning times. The good days are a breeze. In fact otday was one of those days for me too.

    Good job to both of us.

  6. great job sticking with your weigh in! dont let it get you girl!