Tuesday, June 11, 2013

C25K Review and Summary

8 weeks have gone by so fast!

(Graduation Certificate)

First, for anyone who wants to get more active and wants to run...I highly recommend downloading a C25K app to your phone or finding a C25K group in your area (try Fleet Feet or Meetup.com).  I only hope that if you run with a group, your group is as amazing and supportive as mine has been!

That first day, I made it through 2 full sets of 60 seconds and then parts of each following set.  Although I am not quite to running a full 5k without stopping, I feel that this group has given me a great start and foundation for running.  I can currently run 2 sets of 20 minutes, but I haven't gotten to a place where I can continuously run it.

I have the feeling this will only get easier as time goes on...as my muscles become stronger, and as I get closer to my goal weight.  I'm proud of myself for sticking this out, and I am SO proud of my fellow runners!  I also want to say a HUGE thank you to Jill and Joe who were awesome C25K organizers!  They were so motivational and it's awesome that they really CARED that we were successful in this and helped us through the hard times when I (for one) kiiiiiiind of wanted to quit.

Joe and Jill at the meetup graduation party last night

So....... C25K weight loss... In the last 8 weeks I've lost approx. 15 pounds.  I did lose a little more than I would've without exercising but the incredible part is the changes I've seen in my body.  My calves look awesome!  I have gotten complements on how muscular they are from quite a few people, and it was definitely unexpected.  I can't wait to see how my body will continue to change as time goes on!

Last night some of the ladies were talking about running a 5 mile race in the fall and a 10 mile race in the spring... That seems a little ambitious, but something I will definitely think about!

My whole C25K group (almost) at the graduation dinner/drinks party last night


  1. you go girl! so proud of you!!

  2. This is so amazing! So glad you were able to find such an amazing group. SO PROUD!

  3. My husband and I are starting C25K so we can do the Color Run in Sept!

    1. Yay Christina, Can't WaitTo Check Out Your Blog!!

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