Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ten Things Thursday

1. Well today was the day.  The day I went in to find the leak in my band/port.

First, my PA wanted to confirm there is ACTUALLY a leak.
I guess she wasn't convinced by the fact I'm losing approx 2 CC every two weeks or that I am getting a 1-1.5 CC fill every two weeks.

So she took all my fluid out.  Then put 10 CC in!!!!
Right as she got to 10 CC full, I gasped because I felt it so tight, I can't even describe it.
And I just laid there for 15 minutes.  Hence the pictures.
I was bored.  You would've been too.

Then my PA came back and took all the fluid out to see how much came out.
9.4 CC.
Apparently that's normal.  Ugh!  No proof of a leak.

We believe I do still have a leak, but it is a slow one.  My PA is going to talk to my surgeon, call the insurance, and call me Monday with my options.

More.  Waiting.

2.  I have found a new clothing website and I'm addicted!!!
Sizes 0-3X.
Love Love Love
I really love their summer dresses!

3.  I've loved working from home some this week.
Sleeping until 15 mins before time to start work has been lovely.

4. was great to leave my house today!
I wasn't able to go anywhere due to icy roads from Tuesday at 4pm until today at 1pm.
I was getting a case of cabin fever!

5.  I went to bootcamp today...only the 2nd time this week due to the weather.
It was so good to get active.
It cleared my head and made me feel so revived.

6. Vanessa inspired me to book a boudoir session!!
I bought a $20 groupon just for fun.
My session isn't until March 2.

7.  That gives me a month to come up with 3 sexy outfits to wear.
I have a feeling one of them is going to be UNC themed ;)

8.  This weekend is going to be busy!
Full of great friends, which is exactly what I need right now.
Bootcamp Friday and Saturday.
Wine at my friend Cathey's house Friday night.
Coffee with my friend Anna on Saturday afternoon.
Saturday Ladies' Wine night.
Might do kickboxing Sunday???

9.  I ate SOOOO bad over the weekend, I truly expected a gain today, but...

10.  Weigh in today, just a -0.2 pound loss since last week.
That makes 100.8 pounds lost total.


  1. Ahh! A loss is a loss! We all times when we eat a little "worse." You are doing great! I love modcloth... Vanessa got me hooked a while ago!

  2. Woo hoo! A loss is a loss! I really hope you get some answers soon!

  3. I love ModCloth too! I have never looked at their clothes very much, just their home stuff/accessories, but I will have to check it out again!

  4. Forgive me because I don't have a band, but in 15 minutes WHERE did that fluid go? Does it have to be over a certain amount to confirm a leak? Actually, I love the photos, still jealous how well your skin is holding up! :)

    1. Hi Sheila, sorry I didn't see your question before! Well, ideally there would be 2+ CC missing after 15 minutes to confirm a bad leak. Only 0.6 could mean that fluid is still in the tubing or something like that. I don't believe it was, but could have been! And my recent skin photos were posted just for you lol... we all have that issue unfortunately, my clothes just hide it REALLY well!