Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Life, Bootcamp, Band Leaks, Oh my!

Wow, I clearly have a new addiction to blogging, because the 7 days I've been away have been killer.  I kept thinking of things I wanted to write about!  So I guess this was just a little "vacation" rather than 'break'.

So, first things first, the bad news:

My band is leaking.  I don't have much info on this yet, I will be going back to see my PA next week to find out WHERE it's leaking (band, port, tubing) and discuss my options from there.  Look out for an update on that and what kind of surgery I'll be having to fix it.

My insurance will not cover any bariatric procedure so whatever has to be done will coming out of pocket.  Please pray that it is the best case scenario because I've done a lot of freaking out over it in the last week.  It all went downhill when this bitch at the insurance company compared having weight loss surgery to a face lift or breast implants.  I was irate!  Donna was the first person I vented to and she found a way to make me laugh at the situation.  I love that we have a similar (horrible) sense of humor!

Boot camp is going great and I'm finally seeing some results on the scale!  This morning I weighed 245.8.  The day I started boot camp I think I saw 249 so that is 3.2 pounds down in 12 days.  It's such a stress reliever for me, so I am going to bite the bullet and sign a 6 month contract.  It will be worth the money!

And last but not least, I have a first date today.
I'm not expecting anything from it, but the guy seems nice, normal, and I love the fact that he picked a LUNCH date.  That means he isn't expecting to take me home or any of that afterward, as we will both be going back to work.  He also picked one of my favorite restaurants, so he gets extra "awesome" points for that.

However, the next time someone requests a food date for a first date, someone should smack me before I accept!  Luckily my band is pretty loose right now (regardless of my fill 6 days ago, the fluid that was added has already leaked out!!!), so I think I'll be okay, but I always have that anxiety of an unexpected stuck episode with someone who doesn't know about my surgery.

I'm still very sad about Mr. Banker, but it's easier if I just fill my life so full that I can't think about it.


  1. I love everything about this post! Well except the leak, I am praying that it will be the best case scenario.

  2. Fingers crossed that the leak can be fixed easily!

  3. Absolutely Awesome! Way to embrace your new class, and moving forward. I'm so proud of you, Hollee! Have a great lunch date!

  4. Yikes ~ leak! Fingers crossed that its an easier fix. Love this post! First dates rock!

  5. Awesome update! And that leak...ugh...hopefully its a simple fix! I hopeyou have a wonderful time on your date!

  6. Yes for 6 mos contract!!!! Let's get skinnnnnnnyyyyyyy!

  7. I'm selfishly excited that your break wasn't very long, because I love your posts! :)

    Good things all around! Well...except for the leak. Keep us posted on that. And insurance companies are the WORST. Ugggh. Good luck.