Thursday, January 23, 2014

On Point!

I just need to pat myself on the back a little and tell you all how proud of myself I am!

I have been so good on both the nutrition and activity fronts!

Here is my food diary for today:

In case you're wondering that 84 grams of Protein.


84. freaking. grams. of. PROTEIN.

I've actually upped my calorie levels (with the full support of my doctor) and am trying to stay between 1000-1300 calories every day.  And it's working!  The scale is going down down down!!!

Here's what I saw today:

From 249 10 days ago.

So today at Bootcamp, one of the activities was running while carrying a dumbell.  I was carrying a 20 pound dumbell and it was HARD!  I cannot believe I used to carry an extra 100 pounds on my body.  No wonder I feel so much better now.

I think I'll be really sore tomorrow, but I love it.

I love exercising with this group of awesome, motivational, supportive ladies.


  1. Hot damn! With all that bootcamp stuff you're doing, you're totally smart to up your calories. So proud of you!!

  2. Wowzas!! IN 10 days.... Super crazy awesome!! SO happy to see that scale going down!! Can't wait to see what it says next!! You go girl!