Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year :)

Happy 2014 <3

New Year's Eve with my cousin Jenni and friend Leyton

It's a new year.  And I love that picture above!

Please notice how little my waist looks!

So, this is going to be the year!  THE YEAR I SEE ONEDERLAND!  The year I get to my goal!!!
My year has began kind of rough, but it's going to get better.  I can't control what Mr. Banker does or anyone else, I can only control what I do.  So I'm going to make sure that what I do is what I want... what I need.... to make my life better.


  1. me too -- onederland for both of us ;) You do look great

  2. Awesome motto for the new year. You look beautiful in that pic!

  3. You're going to rock 2014! And your waist DOES look tiny. Fantastic dress. :)

  4. Beautiful pic! Great outlook too!!