Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Not Just a Badass


Yep, that's me. Hollee, the productive Badass.  Claiming that.

Today is my 'work from home' day because I need to be at the house to sign for a delivery later on.  Instead of sleeping in like I would normally do, I set my alarm for 5:13am (normal for me is 6:36am).

Got up, had my coffee, picked my friend up, and we made it to the 6:30am bootcamp class!  It was a good work out today.  Since I hurt my ankle and it was too difficult to put pressure on just one foot, I was unable to complete the lunges.  For all the lunge circuits, the trainer switched it to wall sits for me.  Holy mother it is hard to squat on a wall for 45 seconds!

By 8:30 I had completed my workout, dropped my friend back home, and done my grocery shopping.  It feels GREAT to get my day started right.  I wish I could do boot camp every morning before work, unfortunately the facility doesn't have a shower, and I can't go to work post-ass kicking without a shower.

I am having kefir for breakfast...never tried it before but the mood struck me this morning at the grocery.  My ex used to drink it and I picked on him, calling it 'adult dannibles' but the nutrition is good and it's an easy breakfast.  I will have to be super careful tracking my food today, as I intend to enjoy Wine Down Wednesday this evening with friends.

As promised in the beginning of the year (at least weekly nutrition info), here is my food for yesterday... I know it's bad because I didn't eat enough, but I was on the "poor diet":

The scale is still refusing to budge.  This morning's weight was 247.4.  Yes, that's right, I've freaking GAINED weight since starting boot camp.  What. the. fuck.   


  1. You could be gaining muscle! Or you might not be drinking enough fluids. Or you might not be eating enough calories to maintain the exercise, and your body is holding onto fat reserves because it feels like it's in famine. I'm proud of you for going to bootcamp and channeling your stress into exercise!

    1. Thanks girl! Honestly I think I just wasn't eating enough and my body was freaking out. I think I am burning 450-500 cals every day at bootcamp, so that's leaving me with 350ish cals for energy? Not enough... but I was doing what I needed to do until pay day.

      The plan is to get 1000-1200 now that I have food :)

  2. on heavy work out days 1100-1200 cal is best for me.. I find I can work out harder w a little extra so its a win win :) So Super Proud of you.. If you havent figured that