Wednesday, January 29, 2014

*Snow* Day Boot Camp

Stuck at home and can't work out?

I have the solution just for you!  The owner of Burn Bootcamp posted this workout for us yesterday in the event we could not make it to class:

Bootcamp is usually a 45 minute workout, but this was clearly not going to take me 45 minutes so I added 25 modified burpees (squat + wall push up) at the end of Round 2 & 3.  Technically I could've made it to the 4:30 class yesterday, but was afraid to take the chance and have an accident on the drive home or something.

Looks like I'll be repeating this workout today (but I'll shoot for 5 rounds), unless she posts another, because I am DEFINITELY snowed in now, there will be no chance of making it to class.  I got about 3 inches of snow which I know to some of you is not a lot, but the roads here are just A MESS.
 I ventured out at 1am to take the above picture because I was excited that it was my first 'real' snow since I purchased my house.

Wrangler was not in the mood to have his picture taken, he just wanted to explore today.


  1. I forget that southern states aren't as prepared for snow as northern ones. I just assume that every state owns snow plows and has salt on hand for the roads--and that everyone has had the chance to grow up driving in the white stuff. I am a snow driving EXPERT because I've been doing it since I was old enough to be behind the wheel (which on the farm is like 14) Glad you are staying home and staying safe! And don't forget--most soup/chili recipes can be frozen when you get burned out on them. I make a big pot, and if i don't eat it within a few days (as is often the case since getting this restriction) it goes into the freezer for a couple of weeks. Then I thaw it, and toss into the crock pot for a change of pace.