Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Warning:  This post will be full of lovey dovey life happenings and likely have next to nothing to do with weight loss or my band....

Oh goodness.... You know it was a good night when at the time the bathroom floor seems like the most comfortable place to sleep.  That was me, last night.

I threw together a little get together since my baby cousin is in town from New York.  It was last minute and I knew it would be a smaller than usual crowd because quite a few friends were traveling for the holidays, but I wanted to do something.  I invited Mr. Banker, and casually let him know there would be family in attendance and he said he'd come.  I was kind of surprised but since he didn't make it a big deal, I didn't either.

My good friend from high school and her boyfriend were the first to arrive, right on time.  Mr. Banker arrived next with 3 wrapped Christmas presents that he placed under my tree and one that was unwrapped because he wanted me to have it then...a UNC snowman ornament for my upstairs Christmas tree that he and I decorated together a few weeks ago.  It was very sweet.

Another friend and her new boy also came and two cousins.  There were 8 of us total, which is a small group, but it was a great time.  There was lots of wine and beer, laughing, and we played the game Taboo.  Mr. Banker and I ruled at that game... a friend even made a comment on how well we interact with each other and finish each other's sentences.

I had absolutely WAYYYYYYYYY too much wine.  To the point that when all my friends left and Mr. Banker and I went to bed, it felt as though the room was spinning and I was going to get sick.  I got up to sit in my bathroom in front of the toilet but couldn't get sick.  Now that I think of it, aside from PB'ing, I have not thrown up since surgery.  I can only imagine how violent that would feel to come through the band.  Anyway, sorry for that visual.  When Mr. Banker came to check on me I got back in bed, but shortly felt sick again so I again retreated to the bathroom.  Where I decided I would just lay on the floor until the sickness came, but it never did and I passed out on the bathroom floor haha.  

Sweet Mr. Banker again came to check on me and bring me back to bed.  This is particularly nice because he was also quite drunk but instead of also passing out, he worried about me enough to keep checking on me.  I love when he stays the night.  He always holds me the whole night.  I could never get enough of that.



  1. Oh my goodness. I love shenanigans!! So glad you had a great time. At 41, I can't quite recover from shenanigans like I used to, though. Live it up!!!

  2. Sounds like a fun night! What a sweet guy. Have you guys been dating long? Eek. I gotta go back and re-read a bit.

    New follower here, btw. :)

    1. Thanks for following Rhonda! Mr. Banker has been around since April :) I'm about to come check out your blog now!!