Saturday, December 7, 2013

2...maybe 3... NSVs in ONE week!

 Happy Weekend Everyone!
I haven't had an NSV post in a while.  I'm not sure if it's because the weight loss has slowed (damn near stopped), or if I've stopped paying attention to life because I've been so busy looking at the scale, but this week I had TWO NSVs occur to me and I wanted to share!
1.  I bought this dress last year on Christmas Eve at Ross for $9.  It's a regular size L backless lace dress.
I've waited quite some time to wear it, because I don't want to be "that girl" in the club that has rolls hanging out everywhere.  Feeling comfortable in my clothes is essential to having a good time for me.  So last night I put this on, and it finally fit in a way that I felt like I could strut my stuff in public without feeling self-conscious. 
I can't wear a normal or even strapless bra with this since it is almost backless all the way down to my butt.  Now, my boobs are pretty perky even after losing weight (so far), and everyone told me I could get away without wearing a bra and no one would notice, but I just didn't feel comfortable.  So I bought these tape (bandaid-like) bra cups at Walmart for $4 and they were perfect.  My boobs didn't even jiggle when I danced haha.  Could this be a second NSV in-and-of itself?  Maybe, but I'll wrap it up into one awesome NSV because I felt sexy!  Now, when I posted a photo of this dress on facebook, my mother said she hoped they discounted it for lack of material, and I'd be getting a lecture today when I saw her, so that must mean it was TOO sexy...perfect ;).
2.  The other NSV was earlier this week...  I have noticed as I've lost weight I no longer feel the need to layer a shirt over a camisole to hide fat rolls.  I NEVER went out of the house without a cami pre-surgery.  It was a staple of my every day wardrobe.  Now, I do like camis still, but they are no longer necessary for the reason they were before.
However, I do need to be more careful.  Thursday I wore a pink bra under a cream/grey/pink striped sweater and it wasn't until I got on the elevator to go home and saw myself in the reflection of the elevator doors that I realized it was blaringly obvious that I wasn't wearing a camisole, and I could see the detail of my pink and black lace trimmed bra clearly.  Well Crap.


  1. VERY Cute dress!!! Work it girl! And way to go on all your success.

  2. I read the mom comment... I thought it was really funny!

  3. 1. Love that dress.
    2. Love ROSS for cheap dresses (I'm on the hunt for one for a NYE wedding we are going to.
    3. I'm the opposite...I wear a flexees tank almost every single day of my life. Gotta hold my skin in or do plastics...flexees are waaaaaaaay!
    4. I'm going to look for those Wal-mart tape things if I find a dress that calls for it. I'm not sure though they would work for me I'm like a DD and I'm like 10 years older than you and had 2 breastfed kids. LMAO!