Tuesday, December 3, 2013


For those of you who have been following me for a while, you already know that I switched jobs in August, and at the beginning, I was struggling with that decision quite a bit.  I stopped talking about it and decided it was time to just decide to be happy.  After all, I believe happiness is 50% choice.

Unfortunately, although I've decided to be happy, I think I am still mourning my old job.  My old mentor.  My old work family.  My old learning opportunities.  Everything.

The people at this new company are nice.  They make being here bearable.  But I miss LEARNING.  I love to learn.  I love to feel like I'm growing personally.  And I just am not getting that in my current opportunity.

Today, I needed to get out of the office and went to the mall.  I ran into two old coworkers, and seeing them just made me feel "home".  My old company was my family, it wasn't just a place to work.  Seeing them, these two people that I wasn't even particularly close to, made me realize how much I have been mourning my old job.  I know writing this out isn't going to change anything, but I just needed a way to express it.  Thanks for listening.

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  1. but you also were making less money and doing alot more work. i think that with all of the changes you are going through, you miss the 'comfort' of the familiar that you had before--and that you don't have that kind of established work friends yet--once you have made some friends and get settled in, you will come to embrace your new position. if your company doesn't have broadcast eductional opportunities, ask your manager if you can volunteer to attend seminars and learning opportunities on your own.