Wednesday, December 11, 2013

No More Lap-Band

Now, before you all freak out, no, I haven't had surgery in the last 3 days since I wrote and gotten my band removed.  Nor am I currently considering it.

But seriously, the last 2 months, I feel like there is no longer a band in my body.  Now, before you all suggest I've slipped or that I need a fill, I've been seeing my WLS PA every other week since October.  My band looks perfect under fluoroscopy and I've been getting adjusted regularly and staying as tight as my PA will allow.

But here I am, able to eat much more that I feel I should.  And it's not even a matter of "I can but I shouldn't because I'm not really hungry".  If I eat the portion I think I should eat (about 1.5 cups), I'm still sitting there starved.  And I'm eating almost strictly protein for the first cup of food.

Where has my lap band gone??

I'm glad I haven't PB'd in months, but it would also be nice if I didn't feel like I could eat a horse.  I am able to eat bread now, which I never could do before.  I still do not eat it, only twice have I had a bread-like substance since surgery, but both times have been recently.  I am losing weight again, so I feel like I shouldn't complain, but I would really love to feel satisfied after eating the right portion of food.  I've been struggling a lot with hunger lately.  When I go back next Thursday, I will ask my PA to give me the most aggressive fill possible.  I would rather have to see her the next day for an unfill than to keep dealing with this hunger.


  1. i am sorry this is going on girl. I hope she can get you fixed up and adjusted perfectly :)

  2. Oooh...thats rough. I'm glad you are still losing weight, but the hunger can really sabotage...I hope you find a happy place soon.

  3. Oh man...hunger is a biaytch...I hope you get the right fill level too. You don't want to be starving all the time=no fun!