Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Thursday... Here's 10 Things :)

1.  I have every excuse in the book about why I haven't been exercising.  My favorite is "it's too cold".  They're all BULL SHIT.

2.  It's fill day, again.  Yes, I am seeing her every 2 weeks right now.  And it's working, so I'm going to keep doing that until either I get to goal or my band is as tight as it will go!

3.  I really dislike afternoon fill appointments.  It makes that 24-hours of liquid dieting seem so much longer.  It's easier when I get a fill in the morning so that by the next morning I can wake up and have yogurt.

4.  I'm really happy lately.  I like this trend.

5.  Mr. Banker seems happier too.  I still wish he'd get in to see a therapist, to help him figure some things out, but at least he's on an upward trend.  And he really loves the gifts... last night he guessed one of them, because he's figured out that many of the gifts have some kind of significance to us, and things we have done together.

6.  Speaking of therapist, yesterday was my last free therapy session through my EAP.  I do like my therapist, so in January I might start paying to see her sporadically.  It helps to have someone I can talk to on a completely honest level.  And receive her feedback in a completely open minded way.

7.  People have been telling me how good I look or that I look like I have lost weight A LOT lately.  It feels nice to hear that again.  My favorite though, is when Mr. Banker puts his arms around me and tells me I feel smaller (he has done this twice now in the last two weeks).

8.  Last night, UNC basketball beat #1 ranked team Michigan State!  HEELS!  It has been a rough basketball season so far, we haven't played well, so this was a huge victory.  Mr. Banker and I watched the first half together before he went home, then I went to bed assuming we would lose and missed the win.  Oh well.

9. It is going to be a busy weekend.  2 friends birthday celebrations, and Saturday I have to go to my parents for a little while to take care of their 8 dogs while they are out of town.  They do this cute thing every year where they take a day trip to the mountains (2 hour drive) to cut down their Christmas tree together.  It's just freaking adorable haha.

10.  This gigantic box of chocolate was in my work break room today.  I needed to take a picture because this thing was bigger than my mid section!  I had a piece or 4.  Oops.


  1. so glad you are feeling better and that you and Banker are so happy.. You have such a great smile great to see it :)

  2. This post makes me so happy! I'm so glad you are feeling good. My personal opinion is that 99.999999% of people could benefit from regular therapy. I'm contemplating it myself. So many changes are taking place within my own mind and body, and I think it would be awesome to have a place to "process" all that.