Monday, December 23, 2013

I love to Over Eat :(

My fill on Thursday was quite good.  My PA gave me 1.2CC, which is a real big girl fill.  On the fluoroscopy machine there was slight 'reflux' but I asked her to leave it like that because I wanted an aggressive fill.  She agreed as long as I promised to come back Friday if I had a PB episode.  I agreed, but no PBing here.  I can tell my band is tight, but at a good level.

So my band is good, but I'm not.

I ate to the point of feeling miserable TWICE yesterday, and this morning my weight was up.  Both times it was because my food was just too good to stop.  Damn it.

First was the kid's meal from Boston Market:  turkey, spinach, and mashed sweet potatoes.  Granted, it could've been worse, it WAS a small portion and I could've made worse food choices.  Never the less, I ate far beyond the point of 'satisfaction'.

Then, in the evening, I made Luka's Chicken Tortilla soup.  OMG...Delicious!  So delicious.  To the point that I ate a whole bowl and could not lay on my stomach at bed time because it hurt. 

Damn it Hollee...when will I learn?! 


  1. you and me both, sister! I do the EXACT same thing. I do it less, now that I have good restriction but I still do it, and the whole time, i KNOW i'm doing it and that I should stop--and I can't stop myself. it's a compulsion.

    Sometimes, I wonder if joining overeaters anonymous will help. Or if therapy will help. Or even hypnotism.

    I can't believe that you got such a large fill and didn't have any pb issues! fingers crossed that it will continue to be awesome!

  2. Oh girl, when you figure out how to stop yourself, please share the secret!!! I was 100% satisfied after a normal band portion twice this week but went back for seconds just because I wanted it. Grrrr

  3. Sad to say it does NOT get easier. I'm three years out and overeat about once a month, still. :(