Friday, April 19, 2013

Shiny Toy Guns Concert!

I have had a really terrible week so I thought I'd blog about something I LOVE....Shiny Toy Guns!

A little Flashback Friday photo:
DECEMBER 3, 2007

Me and Carah Faye <3

Wednesday was my 8th Shiny Toy Guns concert.  This time was a little different though, since I've met some cool people over the last year.  In November, I met a girl completely by fate online who is a huge fan and goes to the college I attended, less than 20 minutes from where I now live.  We drove to DC together for a concert after only meeting one time in person before.  Here are a few photos from that show:

NOVEMBER 4, 2012

Lauren is an amazing photographer.  This is Carah Faye

Carah and Chad having a moment.

Me and Lauren after the show.  I think I was 27 pounds down at this point.

APRIL 17, 2013

The show on Wednesday was a lot different.  Instead of being another fan like usual, I was helping to promote the Satellite group (Shiny Toy Guns street team) to fans, which allowed me back stage access.

A photo from backstage (Chad and Jeremy)

I spent a lot of time promoting the Satellite group, but a good friend from college came to the show and it was so good to hang out with him!

Me and Adam... Disclaimer: That is NOT my beer.

Since I'd been busy "working" during the fan meet and greet, STG came out to say hi and take a photo with us.  It was really cool that they took the time out because it was late and it was obvious they were kind of "in" for the evening.

Adam, Mikey (Drummer), Me, Carah (Vocals, Guitar), Chad (Vocals, Guitar), and Jeremy
P.S. apparently my camera lens was dirty, not my pants lol

I wish I could see the 50ish pound loss from the November concert more, but I wont complain.  By the next time I see them, whenever that may be, I hope to be at goal!

The show itself was amazing, as always.  There's something about the combination of loud music, bright lights, and singing fans that Shiny Toy Guns just GETS RIGHT.  Even though the venue was nowhere near sold out, the crowd seemed to Love STG, even those who had never heard of them before.

This was definitely the highlight to my otherwise completely shitty week!


  1. You look great--super cute outfit!!!

  2. Looks like you've had a great time in the past! Your pictures look great! I hope the weekend paves the road to a better week!

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