Monday, April 1, 2013

Much anticipated NSV

I have ALWAYS been that girl who ends up barefoot at the club/party/walking down the street at 3am.  I enjoy wearing heels, even though I'm 5'9, but my feet don't enjoy it so much.  Before surgery, I wondered if losing weight would make supporting myself in heels a bit easier, and I finally got the answer.

The shoes pictured above are some of my favorite warm weather fun going out shoes.  The last time I wore them was last July to a party in Raleigh, and my feet were aching within an hour.  I spent quite a bit of the time sitting that night.  So, Saturday night I went out to celebrate my new single status with my friend and a cousin.  I decided I would give my lovely gold snakeskin wedges another try, and guess what?  At the end of the night, I was still standing, and still wearing my shoes!

What a difference going from 344---->272 makes!

Here are a couple of other photos from the evening:

Just for comparison...this is what I looked like in JULY when I wore the shoes last... I do see a big difference:


  1. A difference indeed. Good job, have fun with those torturous shoes!

  2. What a pretty girl! You are adorable in both pictures! I am glad that you feet love those shoes better now! Keep up the good work!

  3. Love the shoes, and my gosh, yes you you look so much thinner! I love that you own your height, too. :-) Glamazon!

    1. lol @ Glamazon... I love it! Thanks :)

  4. Great Comparison shot! You look great!

  5. J'adore those shoes!!!

    I honestly hadn't thought about it being easier to wear heels after losing weight!! My feet always hurts so I sit down or I just give in and wear flats!

    I cannot wait to test this theory for myself!

    Keep up the awesome work!! Looking good girlie!

  6. Oh my god that has been something I've thought about A LOT! I love heels but I never wear them because comfort is more important to me, and heels just kill my feet. Even just a couple days ago when we were at a concert in Chicago, I wore flats and after standing for 2 hours at the show, my feet were KILLING me. So glad to hear you say it gets better :) And those shoes are gorgeous!!!