Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hello BCBG!

I went shopping today and picked up this lovely BCBG dress in a size L. I had no hope of it fitting, I just grabbed it to try, but that was quickly smashed when the sales guy snatched it from me to give to my baby cousin. Apparently he decided there was no way it would fit me.

Guess what MF' fits!

But I was not paying $125 for it (and that was on sale)...


  1. Whooo doggy! You look amazing!

  2. Thank you! I need spanx because I'm clearly starting to see a skin problem at the bottom of my stomach (tops of my legs) but I was so excited that a BCBG size L fit!!

  3. That is awesome!!!

    Now I'm having all these Pretty Woman-type fantasies where you rub it in that a-hole's face, LOL :)

    1. I wish I had the brass balls for that, lol

  4. Good for your Hollie! Wish you could have rub that asses face in it!