Wednesday, April 17, 2013

7 month Bandiversary + WIW

Happy 7 Months since getting Lap Band!

And a Happy Day it IS!!  Officially 75 pounds lost in 7 months! Yay!

That means I have 69.1 pounds to go until I get to "Onederland".

My goal of 200 pounds might seem like a pretty high weight to most of y'all.  But here's an old photo of me at about 200 pounds:

Emily, Me, and Steffi- age 15

So, that's what I intend to look like at goal, plus 10 years lol.


  1. Awesome loss! You are such a pretty girl!

    Everyone's goal weight is there own... when I picked mine (145) I hadn't even weighed 190 anything since I was 16. So at least you know what yours may look like!

  2. 75 lbs! Yay! You're a tall girl, so that looks like a great weight for you. I think a good goal weight is where we feel most comfortable.

  3. YAY! Congrats on your loss! You are doing so awesome! I love following along!

  4. Congrats on your loss. I understand the goal weight. My goal is 225. The last time i weighed that i was probably 13 or 14 so i have no ideas what I'll look like there but its just a number.alot of people who get the band START at my goal...but like you I'm a big tall blonde so its about being comfortable in your own skin. You are doing awesome!