Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dear Lap Band

Dear Fickle Band (a.k.a. Allie from Allergan),

I can't understand why you don't like food after exercise.  After several failed attempts to eat after running group, I've decided you just WILL NOT allow me to eat after I've gone running.  At first, I just wasn't hungry so I didn't try.  Then, hunger struck on days 4 and 5.  You've now ruined my favorite yogurt and my "pastaless lasagna" meal for me for a while, after spending 30-45 minutes trying to yack up 2-3 bites of food.

It isn't fun.

So what am I supposed to do?  I can't eat several hours before running, or I get stomach cramps, and if I can't eat after running, that means I've missed a meal and a snack.  This isn't good for my metabolism.

I have dealt with your fickle-ness over stress, causing my hair to fall out, the fact that you HATE bread and crackers, throwing up that cake sample in my work parking lot yesterday.  I gave up soda and beer for you.  Can't you just allow me some yogurt a few hours after a run? Pretty please.  At least take it into consideration, because I'm a stubborn taurus, and I know at some point I'm going to try this post-exercise eating again, and I'd like it to go better next time.

Your frustrated body host,
Hollee </3


  1. aaww so sorry.. will it let you do a protein shake before or after a run... I lot of people do them after... I do one about an hour before I leave for the gym every afternoon, helps keeps me from getting light headed.

  2. Yikes! Rude band. I was curious about protein shake too. I can usually do those when nothing else wants to go down.

  3. Hey. Just stumbled upon your blog. I am from Raleigh. Check me out!

  4. Hollee,
    Have you talked with your bariatric center about being too tight? When I read about your experiences with the band, that's what crosses my mind. If your band is filled to the right level, you'll have a lot less of this and be more successful at losing. I didn't believe it myself, and was slightly too tight. When I got an unfill (twice, actually), I dropped many more pounds. I had been stuck at 210 or so for a long time, now am down to 195 or so. Loosening the band HELPED! I didn't know how much it would make a difference but didn't want to irritate my esophagus and my nurse was telling me how 20% of bandsters have some problems from being too tight... anyhow, you could always try a little less fluid and then if that doesn't work, get a fill. Best of luck!

  5. I have been told to try hot tea (or some hot beverage) that may help relax things. Just a thought! Your body may just need time to adjust. Sorry you are getting stuck, thats miserable. Maybe a tiny unfill is in order? I hope it gets better quickly!

  6. When I get dehydrated I have trouble eating too. I actually can't eat breakfast (I always have a protein shake) cause I get sick in the mornings if I do. I've noticed it a couple times after a very sweaty yoga also. Maybe try to get hydrated before you try eating. That helped me :)

  7. Sorry to hear about your band troubles. Looks like some great tips above! Good luck.