Monday, April 8, 2013

My First Meetup

I never got into the craze like some of my friends did.  I had one friend who was going to meetup groups every week.

About a month ago I was researching support groups because I really want to meet other people who've had WLS that I could talk to, face to face.  I found this group on for people in the Raleigh area who have had or are considering having any type of weight loss surgery.  Raleigh is only about 30 minutes from me and I don't mind the drive, so I signed up.  Their first meeting since signing up was while I was on vacation, so Saturday was my first opportunity to go.

The group definitely was not what I was originally looking for, but it was nice to be around people who understood things I'm going to.  The group however seemed to have a pretty low opinion of Gastric Banding (preferring the sleeve or bypass) and there was only one other person there who had the band.  She was banded the first time 10 years ago, and just had her first band replaced in November.  Unfortunately since the replacement she hasn't been doing as well and has gained 20 pounds.  There was one other person at the meeting who seemed to be struggling with his weight loss (RNY 3 years ago and curently 140 pounds down, 70 pounds to go).  Everyone else though was doing spectacularly. 

It was so encouraging to see so many successes in progress!  Even the two people who were having 'trouble' had been pretty successful in my opinion.  10 years keeping the weight off is fantastic, and the fact that this woman was at the meeting tells me she's doing everything she can to get that 20 pound gain under control.  And losing 140 pounds is definitely not a failure in my book!

Overall I think it was a good experience.  Unsure if I'll go back.  I wish I could find a group of people who are closer to my age...and being banded is definitely different in some ways than other WLS so that would be cool too.


  1. I hope you can find a group that meets your needs. I'm in a pretty small community and I think the closest to me that would have something like that is more than a 2 hour drive. Thank goodness I found this community.

  2. You know, I was just thinking the other day about how much I'd love to have a group of people in my area who were also banded, and I never thought to check out meetup. I can never make the WLS support groups at my surgeon's practice because they start right as I'm leaving work and it takes me half an hour to get there in the best conditions. Thanks for the idea!

    Even if you don't feel like going back, at least you have us, your handy online supporters!

  3. I hope you find a group that you like. I have never been to an actual group because they always seem to be at times I can not get to. But we have an online one that I participate in. We will be here for you if you need us :) Seeing the success of others is so motivating! Totally agree.

  4. Good to you for sticking your neck out and meeting some new folk. Maybe you can form your own little group. That's what a few of us in San Antonio did. There are three of us who met via blogs, plus I invited my coworker who was banded. So the four of us meet up every six weeks or so. Keep looking.

  5. i am looking for one too if I find one I will let you know since we are kind of in the same area.. you are on one side of Raleigh, I am on the other.