Sunday, April 28, 2013

25 Things

I'm turning 25 at the end of this week so I wanted to write 25 things I'm thankful I can now do that I couldn't do at this time last year in celebration of another year of life.
1. Buckle an airplane seat belt.
2. Shop in a non plus size section of a store.
3. Snugly squeeze in a size 12 dress!!!
4. Run more than 30 seconds!
5. Go on a blind date without wondering if he's going to think I look fatter than my pictures.
6. Climb the Eiffel Tower!!!
7. Get excited about having my picture taken.
8. Sorry for TMI...but "adult time" is so much more fun!
9. Step on the scale to see a number that begins with 2.
10. Finish a whole Zumba class.
11. "Get low" dancing and get back up.
12. Feel full!
13. Get drunk off of 2 glasses of wine lol.
14. Paint my own toes. (Although I still prefer not to)
16. There's a store that sells athletic apparel for my alma mater, and for the first time, I bought a jacket from the women's section!
17. Hear my dad say he is proud of me for something.
18. Not wake up thinking about food.
19. Not go to sleep thinking about food.
20. Not wonder how awful people who haven't seen me in a while will think I look.
21. Buy my fabulous birthday dress without ANY frustration over a dress I want not fitting.
22. No longer fit in the morbidly obese category.
23. Wear heels more comfortably.
24. Throw out my entire wardrobe because it is too big for a change!
25. Feel more comfortable in my own skin!!
I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for me!

P.S. I was feeling really sexy Saturday night and took this pic.  I never would've WILLINGLY taken a full body pic a year ago!  (I guess that's #26, so one to grow on haha)


  1. Those are great accomplishments!

  2. What a wonderful list. :-) So happy for you!!

  3. This is really inspiring. Congrats!

  4. It's going to be a wonderful year!! Happy early birthday :)

  5. A wonderful list and a great way to welcome your 25th year.

  6. Wonderful list! Happy birthday!

  7. Awesome list! Happy birthday week!

  8. Great list! Happy early birthday!

  9. Great list! And happy almost bday!