Thursday, February 13, 2014

Port Revision


And...Insurance Approved!

So, I will be going under the knife again on March 10th to have my Lap Band put back to it's 'like-new' condition!

I don't even know what tricks my doctor's office employed to get the insurance company to approve it, but I'm so happy they did!

Now, when I originally discussed this with my PA, she told me it wasn't possible for them to do a port revision with a low-profile port because the only way to get one would be to open a whole Lap Band kit...but I know from lots of blog reading that some of you out there have had port revision from a standard port to a low-profile port for cosmetic reasons, so I KNOW it is possible to get one!

So...being the astute and persistent person I am, I called up Apollo Endosurgery this morning (the company that bought the rights to LB), and asked.  Guess what?  The low-profile port CAN be ordered separately and only takes two days to arrive.  So yeah, I'll be getting one of those.  I really did not want to go from having the low-profile port currently to a larger, more protruding port after the revision!

That's a big difference in sizes!

So, now that that's taken care of, I guess I need to mentally prepare to go back on that liquid diet post-surgery phase for a while and not be allowed to exercise hard for a bit.

That will be really very hard for me.  Bootcamp has been a huge source of stress relief lately and I'm going to seriously miss it!


  1. Congratulations! Good for you for looking into the lower profile port- that really is a big difference! The liquid diet is going to stink, but it will be well worth it in the end! So happy for you!

  2. So glad you got it covered by insurance, and the type of port you want! I'm sorry I'm out of the loop- what is the reason for the revision? Is it just for the smaller port, or have you had issues? Also glad it sounds like it will be done relatively soon. :)

    1. Hi Cheri! Unfortunately I have a leak. We are guessing/hoping it is in the port and this port revision will take care of my problem. I've been getting 1.0-1.5 CC fills every 2 weeks and when I go back every 2 weeks it is somehow gone!!

      I was given the low-profile port in my original surgery, so I didn't want to have to exchange it for a big clunky one now. Thankfully it looks like I wont have to.

    2. Thanks for explaining. How frustrating to have to go for fills every two weeks! I certainly hope this revision fixes the problem - that is going to make your life so much better!, and good for you being astute and persistent and getting the RIGHT port you want and need!! :-)