Saturday, February 22, 2014

Date Disaster

I will NEVER. EVER. go on another food date with someone who does not know about my lap band.


Especially not a first date.

So tonight I go on a date. Guy is nice and cute. Conversation is nice.

Until he mentions I've hardly touched my food. I was pushing it around my plate and taking little bites but my plate still looked full. But who says something about that!

But I was stuck. And the bathroom line was LONG. Fuck.

When he went to get me a take out box, it was coming, like it or not. I threw up in my napkin and down my shirt. All over myself. He didn't notice....I don't think.

I'd be shocked if he did notice, considering he still tried to get in my pants. Good thing he didn't put his hand down my shirt.

For the record, I wouldn't have gone home with him even if I hadn't thrown up/slimed on myself.


  1. Oh. No. So so sorry.

    The only possible positive spin I can think of on this is the potential to use this as a first date "weapon" when needed? ;-P Probably a bad joke at the moment.....

  2. I always told right away. My future husband (next month!) knew on the second date. :)

  3. I have typically told on the 3-4 date. Once I've gauged that I like the person enough to share something so personal. But never on a first date or prior to a first date. Coffee dates from now on for a first date, I swear it!

  4. I'm saying that any guy who mentions what you did or didn't eat has a douchbag rating too high for my friend Hollee and the only thing you should have said walking out was "Next." :) Chin up girl, you are too hot to die alone :)

  5. In my experience as a dater following weight loss surgery...unfortunately, they always say something and unfortunately, the reaction to saying you had weight loss surgery is always weird.

    Hang in there - I certainly would not open with this information, but don't hide it, either. And don't judge their reactions too harshly. It is becoming old hat to you, but it is a new concept to them as someone who is just getting to know you. I remember when I first started thinking about WLS for myself, my reaction was always blech, too, haha.

    You're doing great!

  6. Oh no! The fact that he even said anything shows he isn't all that. I know a good one will come along!