Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Movin' on up!

Losing weight is the best thing I have ever done for my career.

I'm the same person and hard worker I was before, but I'm more confident.

And let me tell you, fat discrimination exists.  I know it exists because I've experienced it.  I still experience it sometimes, but not as much.

About four years ago, when I was interviewing for an internal promotion at my first CRO (Clinical Research Organization), I was told that I was a horrible interviewer and not very articulate.  There may have been some politics behind that, but regardless, that statement stuck with me.

So it feels incredibly good to know that is not true, at least now.  THIS Hollee, is not a horrible interviewer, because THIS Hollee has now gotten two job offers 24 (business) hours after an in-person interview: in August when I changed companies and again now.  I must be articulate.  I must be likeable.  I must leave people with the impression that I care about  my career and will do whatever job I have to the best of my ability.

That feels freaking awesome!


I am so very blessed and thankful right now.  I needed this job change and pay increase.

So what does all of this mean for me?

Well, I am postponing my port revision surgery.  It just makes the most financial sense to postpone so that I don't have to pay a deductible twice.  Since I'll have a lapse in insurance for 30 days, surgery will be pushed out to late April.  I'm okay with that. 

My last day at my current company will be March 10 ad I will begin at the new company on March 11. 

And... I will work in the same Office Complex as Donna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm envisioning lunch time walk breaks!  Donna is so funny and I'm excited to be able to see her a little more often.  I haven't had a WLS friend who I've consistently been able to hang out with, so I'm happy about that!

And in somewhat unrelated news, I saw yet another lowest adult weight this morning!

FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY out of the 240s!!!  Freaking fantastic week!


  1. I'm so happy for you! I'm hoping that my continued loss will help me advance professionally, also.

    SO incredibly proud of you!

  2. you are so incredible girl. Ive been at the same job 15 yrs mainly bc interviews scare the crap out of me..lol