Monday, February 24, 2014

Busy Bee

I've been busy since Ten Things Thursday.  I have to stay busy or I will lose my mind.

Thursday I went to the UNC vs. dook game.  It was AMAZING!!!  And honestly I feel so thin and pretty (comparably) in the photos from the game!

We were trailing most of the game, but somehow, UNC came back to win!



The bottom photo is my favorite, as the fans rushed the court in celebration!

Friday, I took a personal day from work.  I didn't get home from the game until very late. Then I had what we will, for now, call a 'meeting'.  Thank you for all of you who sent positive thoughts and prayers.  I should have some 'results' from the meeting soon.  I'm still praying and keeping my fingers crossed!

Saturday, my friend Kelly gave me tickets to the UNC/Wake Forest basketball game.  It was really a lot of fun.  UNC really kicked booty.

Photo: From the game yesterday....

The rest of the weekend, I spent painting.  I have officially finished.  Or at least finished everything I can do by myself!  I can't complete the staircase by myself because it is just too high.  I'd probably hurt myself and/or make a royal mess.

Now that I'm done, what am I going to spend my time doing?!

I've been super committed to bootcamp and painting because I NEED to be.  I NEED this distraction from my thoughts of Mr. Banker and my sadness.

I had a lot of sadness this weekend.  A lot of thoughts about things I miss.  Memories of him.  I just can't understand this, and I'm not sure I ever will.  I truly believe that what we had was special.  I don't know how he could just throw it away so easily.

Suggestions on my next project anyone?  Keep in mind I'm already doing bootcamp, so any other physical activity is probably not going to work...


  1. P.S. The 'meeting' Friday was an interview and I GOT THE JOB!!!!


  2. I'm so happy you got the job!

    other projects you can focus on: knitting, make jewelry, scrapbooking, umm...i tend to think of things that you can find at the craft store and learn from you tube videos. :) but i'v never scrapbooked--just knit and jewelry.

    1. I scrapbooked a lot in high school and college. It's an expensive hobby! Maybe I will learn to knit! Everyone will get scarves next year for Christmas haha!

  3. YAY on the job :) and I so wish I could help relieve the sadness your experiencing but all I can do is send cyber hugs so that´s what I´ll do "huuuuuugs"

  4. You look amazing! What great pictures of you! And congrats on the job - great news!!

  5. Congrats, girl!!! I am so happy for you and I continue to be amazed at EVERYthing you have accomplished by the ripe old age of 25. :) It's just going to keep getting better and better for you!