Thursday, August 15, 2013

TTT + Weigh In (91.8 pounds down)

1. Weigh In:
Today: 252.6
I swear I saw some high 240's earlier when I wasn't eating anything.
That's still a loss of -0.8 since last week, so I wont fret.

2.  It started last week.  First, at my celebration Margarita night last week, I got on the topic of having children and I realized that financially, I'll be able to afford having children a lot earlier than I thought a couple of weeks ago.  Then on Saturday, I went kid consignment shopping with my friend Kira.  Looking at all the sweet baby furniture and such got my mind going.  Sunday I babysat for the kids I used to nanny did that 3 week old baby turn into a little girl that is turning 5 in a couple of months?  Then yesterday, I was watching videos of my nephew from when he was a baby.  And it happened... seems I've caught a case of baby fever.

3.  I'm excited about my new job, but I do worry about my mental stability due to the location.  Remember my post about Max Brutus?  My new job is located beside of the apartment complex he lived in...the place where I met his wife and found out that our whole relationship was a lie.  Hopefully over time, I will take that exit and think of it as "My Job" instead of "Max's old place".  I totally believe that seeing something enough times desensitizes us to it, so hopefully that will be my experience here.

Also, tomorrow there will be a pretty long post about this topic, feel free to skip over it.  Tomorrow is 2 years since my life came crashing down, and I will need to talk about it.

4.  I don't expect next week's weigh in to be all that great.  My work is throwing a few parties for me over the next week before I leave them.  I can't imagine my lunch today at Cheesecake Factory or next week's Ice Cream Sundae party will be good for the scale.

5.  I'm craving a banana and mayonnaise sandwich so bad.  I know I can't eat the bread, I will PB it so fast it isn't funny.  But I am contemplating making one and eating it with the intention of PB-ing, just so I can have a bite.  That seems like a slippery slope to Medically Induced Bulimia though...

6.  I got these running shorts to wear at my goal weight. They fit now!  Yes, they will look better in 50 more pounds down, but I'm so excited they fit now!  And I'm amazed at how thin my arms look in that photo!

7.  Banker has been sick all week and I haven't seen him.  I do really miss his company.

8.  Food is going better the last couple of least at lunch and dinner time.  Every morning I'm still PBing liquids.  This morning I made it 10 minutes into my drive to work and had to pull over on the INTERSTATE to get sick.  I hate getting sick on the interstate because of the passing cars going so fast, actually makes me nauseous.

9.  I'm ready for college football!  A little less than a month until it starts.  Go Heels!  Although Banker grew up in Rhode Island, he has always been a Tarheel at heart.  He has even shown me a photo of himself at age 16 in Carolina gear.  That warms my heart.  So I'm hoping I can take him to his first UNC football game.  There's nothing like UNC fans + smuggling alcohol in + a sea of Carolina Blue!

10.  My work isn't allowing me to go to New Orleans for the conference next month now that I've resigned.  It's been a huge pain in the butt trying to get refund forms and stuff for my work, but that's okay.  The good news is that I will be in town and can hopefully attend my mom's WLS consultation appointment with her.


  1. wow, and I thought my life was crazy. I also have been getting a bit tetched with babyfever...and i'm older than you! at this rate, working for a non-profit, i don't think i'll ever be able to afford to have one--but then again, they say that if you wait until you can affford a kid, you would never have them! Good luck on your new job! Can wait to start hearing about your new adventure--and the shorts look great!

    1. There is never a "perfect time"! I will be interested to read banded pregnant bloggers, so I need someone to hurry up and get prego! for selfish reasons lmao...

  2. I've had some baby fever too! :) Must be something in the air!
    You look amazing! Love the shorts!

  3. You look great!! I am excited about football too.

  4. I had never heard of anyone eating mayo and banana sandwiches until last year when one of my students brought one every day for lunch.

    Good luck with the new job :)