Sunday, August 25, 2013

Who says exercise ISN'T important?

My surgeon.  That's who.

Has he lost his freaking mind?

That is not something you should EVER tell someone who is trying to be isn't all about the number of pounds I shed each week if my body is becoming stronger and healthier each week regardless of what the scale says.

I had my first clinic visit since my 2 week post surgery check-up.  That is 10.5 months without talking to my surgeon.  I got there and the office was PACKED!

I waited almost 2 hours before a resident came into my room.  She looked at my loss and said "So what's the problem?"  I told her I didn't have any problems, that Dr. Yoo requested the visit.  So she asked for a recap of my loss and when I told her my overall loss and loss over the last 4 weeks, she said she had no clue why Dr. Yoo requested I come in and I could leave.  I told her if I didn't see Dr. Yoo, not only was I going to be really freaking angry, but I was going to go ask for a refund of my $50 copay because it was pointless for me to take a day off work and come in.

So Dr. Yoo came in and reiterated that I was one of his best band patients and that he just wanted to make sure I was doing what I need to do to succeed now that we're a year out.  So he tells me that there are two ways people try to lose weight: 1) Exercise 2) Nutrition (duh!) but exercise doesn't really do the trick.

What?  So did I just imagine losing more weight when I started running?  I don't think so.
I even said that to him...he told me it wasn't the exercise, but the attitude that comes from exercising that makes me lose weight.  He said "No one runs a 5k and then thinks 'oh a chocolate milkshake would be good right now'"  yeah...I have, but whatever.

He said if I had an extra hour per day, instead of spending it running, I should figure out how to get in my proper nutrition during that time.  I may not agree with his assessment on exercise not being valuable, but I'm going to try his other advice.  He wants me eating 200 calories every 3 hours.  I did a HORRIBLE job of this this weekend, but I'm going to TRY to do it this coming week.


  1. Wow - thats some silly advice! Exercise and diet together = weightloss!

  2. I totally understand why this would be disconcerting. But I also understand where your surgeon is coming from. Your body can lose weight without exercise--just by implementing diet changes. And I think that even though your surgen is impressed with your progress--he might be worried that nutritionally you might not be getting what you need to be healthy in the long term. Now, I don't know your eating habits--but he may be concerned that you are walking the fine line between losing weight from exercise and from your body being deprived of essential nutrients. Good luck on the new eating plan!

  3. Hmmmm. This one made me think. I think your surgeon is right... to a point. I think nutrition can take you so far, but exercise will take you all the way and KEEP YOU THERE.

  4. ^^^^ What Texas said! you may need to put more emphasis on your nutrition now, but it would be crazy to stop that exercise!!! Especially if its a habit now...

  5. Hello, new reader here. What's the scoop with the 200 cal every 3 hours? Why does your doc recommend that? Is it his general rule or for you in particular? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi KeJoJo!

      This is my doctor's general rule. He says it is the best way to make sure metabolism stays up. If you eat 200 calories every 3 hours, you will burn them all rather than storing anything, which is good for metabolism and also leads to burning more stored calories. The way he explained it made sense at the time...